Monday, January 9, 2012

Transmitted Through Radio Waves

Sometimes, the radio can be a much more entertaining source of media than even a computer, especially when you have a radio that can get not only FM and AM station, but also some foreign stations. When my friend and I started tuning the radio to not only local stations, we discovered that perhaps in America, we think we might hear everything, but in actuality we don't.

When scanning the foreign stations, the sad part is that fac they are kind of hard to find, and when you do, they have a lot of static. However, when you find a radio station that is clear enough to actually know it is a radio station, it a feeling of joy that you cannot describe. It feels like that there are other radio stations in the world beside the ones that we know locally.

Several times, my friend and I pick up British Stations, and even though they are static-y as heck, it is still amusing to hear what is going on in the world. Though they are mostly news, we will still attempt to tune in to these stations.

Also, several times (to my amusement), we have found the Spanish stations. Where they are based, I honestly  hae no idea, and even sometimes I cannot understand them, even though I do try. I blame it on Spanish being on of these languages that if you come in the conversation in the middle, you will be lost to be honest. However,, I actually look forward to finding more of the Spanish stations, and improving on my Spanish.

Along with Spanish stations, we once found a Japanese station. It was quite amazing hearing the story, though sadly I only understood bits and pieces. It was amusing to know that even though its a couple thousand miles away from I live, it can still reach on the radio waves.

The radio is actually quite amazing. Did you know the government can send things through radio waves? True, while it maybe beeps and blips, it is still amusing to know that they can actually send things through the radio. And although it maybe unintelligible to human ears, to the ear of a computer, it can be most anything, from pictures to official government documents.

It's amazing what the radio can do. It can give us news, music, and, with the right type of radio, there are endless possibilities to what you could tune in to. So, grab your radios, and have fun.

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