Monday, October 31, 2011

Monty Python and the Meaning of Life

Many times have I sat back and asked my self "What is the meaning of life?" Is it something valuable? How does life work? Does death really mean the end? Well, Monty Python and the Meaning of Life tries explore the meaning of life through a comedic means.
The movie opens with a mini presentation with old people working at an office doing paper work. When one of the workers gets sacked by a higher up, they decide to revolt against the top heads, and they turn their building into a ship and launching attack on capitalist America. They raid everybody using weapons they fashioned from things in their office, such as swords from fans, and desk drawer cannons. The old people eventually lead America's  big companies to ruin, and then they celebrate. I will be honest, the opening scene does not do much for the movie, except they make a joke in the main film along the lines of "We're sorry for the interruption of the side film. They're just looking for attention, and now we return to the main film." When the side clip "interrupts" it feels like deja vu, because the dialogue is exactly the same.

When they cut to the real film, it starts off with a song, like every good movie should. But then it cuts to the  Though the hospital birth scene made me smile, the scene where the children were singing about sperm made me laugh and smile. They got kids probably as young as 5 or so to sing it. One thing I want to know who wrote the song, and then how did they convince the kids to sing it. Also, did the kids even know what they were saying? It was about the Catholics and how it is against they're religion to use condoms, mocking it to a point of that they had so many kids that the house was over run with them, and they need to sell a few kids to science in order to pay the bills.
The next stage of life is child hood, and we are shown a Catholic school. It first starts of with the mass and everyone praying and listening to the preacher. The class room was worthy of a few laughs, due to the part of the teacher teacher the boys how to have sex with a lady, while having sex with his wife. Also, they were discussing how to arouse a lady, which one boy promptly replies "lick the clitoris." The teacher then bashes the boy for being too direct and then discusses other ways to arouse a woman.
The next stage of life is the part after you get out of school, and they presume you will serve you country well. They have a drill Sargent telling his troops that they will march up and down the square. The troops then one by one object, saying that they rather be doing something else, such as read a book, or practice the piano.
During the middle ages, this is where the movie gets creepy, I won't lie. First, you deal with a couple going to a restaurant and ordering conversations. Although its not creepy, its like will my middle years be like that? Then, the truly creepy part is a couple of doctors looking for a liver donation. They then proceed to hack apart the man they want the liver from, and then a man pops out of the couple's refrigerator and starts on a song bout the meaning of life, not unlike the beginning, though they go as far as to show something coming out a woman's vagina(not a real one just a illustration.)  The next scene is a fat guy so fat he can barely walk. He sits down and ask for a bucket to puke in. Now, watching this scene while eating is just slightly unnerving.
Lastly  in life, there is death. Though death is the end, it provides fan service in the movie. Also, the grim reaper is funny, though the end will sort of (excuse the language) mind f*ck you. I will not spoil the end, but its well worth it.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Black Rock Shooter PV:Impressions

They're at it again. Trying to milk a series for its worth. Guess the series this time? Is it Naruto, or Bleach? Nope. It's the flop OVA Black Rock Shooter. Yep, they're making it into an anime series, and a series with just eight episodes.
The PV was just released and I was thinking "Ok, they're trying to milk this for all its worth." As I sat down to watch it, I was skeptical. The OVA made almost no freaking sense, jumping from the K-On like parts to the kick ass parts. Were they gonna play into the K-On/Slice of life part, or were they gonna play into the awesome black Rock Shooter? 
It starts off with a song and  Black Rock Shooter sitting on the edge. From the looks of the PV, it seems the anime will be about the action part, though i am not getting my hopes up for it being about the Battle between Black Rock Shooter and Death Scythe. I think the anime will be a let down because they will concentrate on the moe aspects of the anime, aka the girls and the slice of life part. 
Also, the other quelm i have with them releasing the anime as a "full" series is that it only 8 episodes long. The only other anime I know that followed that path was the second season of Mitsudomoe, and while 8 episodes may be plenty for a sequel, I don't believe that it will be enough to tell a complete story. Please creators, get it together, and TRY this time. The OVA was such a flop I don't know why they even THOUGHT it would sell. Oh wait that's right. It's aimed at fans of Hatsune Miku and they KNOW it will sell because of the vocaloid prospects. Congrats you're making money while disappointing the rest of us.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Yuru Yuri-A Slow Moving Yuri

Sometimes, names mean nothing when it comes to anime, sometimes they mean every. Sometimes they mean what the anime is about or sometimes they're cutesy and unrelated to the anime. Yuru Yuri's title, with Yuru being translated as slow, or easy going and yuri being the term relates to lesbian relationships,  can tell you a bit about the anime, however, do not judge an anime by the title.

Yuru Yuri has a typical slice of life plot line: 3 girls going through middle school. Wait...did i forget someone? Probably not. Anyways, you have the anime freak and doujinshi writer (and my personal favorite) Toshinou Kyouko, the serious person, Funami Yui,, the annoying tsundere brat, Yoshikawa Chinatsu, and, oh yeah, i remember who I forgot, Akaza Akarai, the girl with no defining features. There are other characters, such as Sugiura Ayano, the other tsundere who wants to be friends with Kyouko, and the Ikeda twins, Chizuru and Chitose, twins that are prone to drooling and nosebleeds when their glasses are removed due to fantasies. The characters are  just your normal girls, with some lesbian-curious tendencies. But then again, there is no males in the cast.
Now, the girls, as I have said, have some bi-curious, or maybe just lesbian tendencies. Chinatsu obviously likes Yui in a perverted way, and Kyouko likes Chinatsu in the way of wanting her to cosplay as the anime character Mirakurun, a magical witch in the anime they like to watch. Also, Ayano appears to have a thing for Kyouko, though Kyouko is too preoccupied with Chinatsu and cosplaying. Chitose just fantasizes about the pairings and the double entendres that are said between the characters, and this results in nose bleeds, and a character, usually Akari, offering her tissues to ease the bleeding.

Besides the characters, the most catching thing about the show is the opening song and the closing song; they are so catchy. They accurately depict the anime, but they were so catchy, I couldn't help but to replay the songs over and over. The end, "My Place de Ikimashou," or "Let's go to My Place," was the one that made me a sure viewer. As person who doesn't usually watch the ending themes to anime, it was a nice refresher, and it was catchy. The beginning song "Yuriyurarararayuruyuri," is catchy, but it cannot compare to the end song.
If you're looking for a slice of life with some comedy in it, then this is the anime for you. Easy going like K-On, and funny too, this anime is a win in my books

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Team Fortress 2:Halloween Update

Its that time of year again. There is candy to be gotten, tricks to be played, and a time to be scared. Also, it's time for the Publisher Valve to put out their Halloween Update for the hit game Team Fortress 2. Now, I thoroughly enjoy the game on regular mode, but when i heard bout the update that would last untill Halloween, i was stoked. However, just like any update to a game, it has its downsides.

Now, this may be my first time playing the Halloween Update, since I just started playing extensively around March. The Halloween Update adds maps to the already extensive collections of maps on Team Fortress 2, but the map has a haunted house like feeling. The usual medi-packs or health restore kits (whatever you may call them) are now replaced with candy bars for the smaller heal kits and a pumpkin pie for the bigger ones. Along with the medi-kit changes, there are now pumpkins scattered around the map with explosive devices on them, and if you shoot them up close, will get hurt. Also, you can download "skins" for the engineers sentry gun, but I honestly don't know where to get these, but apparently is makes the mini-sentry look like it has a brain.
There is one problem i have with the Halloween Update: it is that it lags out HORRIBLY, which means for all you non-video game fans, that response time in between in put time and the reaction time are slightly off. At first, i thought it was the sever was lagging, but it turns out it lagged for my friend as well. Also, when trying to kill the Horseless Headless Horseman, a lagged out and it is almost impossible to kill him, though some people have killed him, and you get a special hat.
Its good that they made a Halloween Update for Team Fortress 2, but however, it could be less glitchy.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Change in Money

After buying anything I have an odd habit of looking at my change. Usually I look for bicentntial quarters for a family member of mine that likes to collect them. However, this time, something else caught my eye: the shininess of multiple pennies.
Now, a good shiny penny is usually good right? Well these pennies were undeniably shiny, but then I noticed the backs on them. Now, the usual penny has the Lincoln memorial on the back.The penny has been redesigned only one in a hundred years. Now, it is a shield with the words "E Plurbis Unam" on top of a shield.
In the case of the penny's new design,it looks pretty darn fake, like when some of the state quarters came out, I thought they looked fake as well(I'm looking at you Texas). I'm sorry but now the penny looks like something i would find in a fake money set for little kids. Even the banner around the shield proclaiming it's only one cent looks fake. Also, the penny is too shiny for its own good. Its like can it scream fake just a bit louder? I can't hear how fake it is.

The "traditional penny", the one with the Lincoln memorial on it, was the penny i grew up using. It looks right, old timey, but yet rather new. It feel natural, it feel like it belongs. The new design feel foreign, strange, unnatural. Its too shiny, its too....stupid to be honest. Keep the moneys the same, don't change what not broke.

Never Stop Loving Me

Never stop loving me because i seem stressed
Never stop loving me because i seem blessed
never stop loving me because of my Friends
Never stop loving me because of my ends

I am more than just a nice boobs and butt
I'm not just a thing guys use for smut
If I suddenly leave one day
Would you keep your feelings at bay?

Never stop loving me because I'm  more than I seem,
Never stop loving me because I somewhat cannot redeem
Never stop loving me because there are others other than me
Never stop loving me because there is something that you cant see

Make me feel special
make me the only one in your eyes
Make me want to hug and cling to you
Make me feel loved

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The 3 Musketeers- A Tale of Milady

This weekend, i got a chance to see the new 3 Musketeers movie with a good friend of mine. To be honest, i didn't know what to expect because I have never seen any of the older versions, nor have I read the book. To be honest, I was pleasantly pleased with the movie, though i think it could have been better.
The story of the 3 Musketeers takes place in 17th century France, at a time when France's King Louis XIII and Queen Ann were in a bind, due to the having no allies. The King and Queen face attacks on all sides, and to the only way to prevent a war was to get the help of the 3 Musketeers, Athos, Aramis, and Porthos. Athos is a skilled diver, and the undeclared leader of the group, Aramis is a former priest and the silent assassin of the group. Porthos is more or less the comedian of the group, relying on brute strength to get him through. They aim to get rid of Buckingham, the English duke, and they enlist the help of Milady. After going in to the DaVinchi hall and turning the keys they got from their enemies, they come across a secret passage, a passage that leads to plans for an "air ship." After Milady breaks the laws of physics, she gets the plans, and then the musketeers flood the passage way, and flood out the guards. After they secure the plans, the 3 Musketeers and Milady decide to make a toast, "One for all, and all for one," which soon after leads to them being poisoned.

The story then skips to a year later, and for a while we follow the young D'Artagnan, a skilled sword fighter. He decides to go to Paris, where one by one, he meets the 3 Musketeers, chasing after Rocheford, the guy who previously shot him in the arm. He tells them to meet at the courtyard at noon, one, and two o'clock, to each one. They all arrive at the same time, and then the guards come and attack them. Also, during the fight, we meet D'Artagnan's love inerest, COnstance, a very pretty yooung lady, who is a lady in waiting.
Later one in the movie, you find out that Milady is truly playing all sides. She steals the Queens diamonds, to give them to Buckingham to break up the King and Queen, and ultimately destroy France. Once the queen and Constance realize the diamonds are missing, they enlist the help of the 3 Musketeers and D'Artagnan to get them back. From that point they go to England to find Buckingham, who directed Milady to steal the diamonds. But, it turns out the mastermind is actually the Cardinal, who instructs Milady to do all the stuff. After they get to England, the hijack the airship of Buckingham, and they unleash hell on him. Also, Milady boards the ship, though the Musketeers sentence her to death. 
The end of the movie, I will not spoil, though i was kind of dissatisfied with it. I think I can smell a sequel coming (Oh, please do, if it means more Aramis). 
The two main complaints i have with this movie is Milady and the CGI used. Milday was almost in ever scene, and she seemed to be driving the whole movie, though it felt like it should have been cardinal. Also, she seemed to appear when she wasn't necessary, for example when Rushford shot D'Artagnan. 
The CGI in this film was also way, way over used. Now, I saw this movie in 2D( I can't watch 3D), but you can tell that the effects used were meant for 3D. Also, along with the obvious 3D meant effects, the CGI also seemed to slow down the fight scenes. Also, when there was the hundreds of guards, you can sorta tell they clicked the "people spawn" button on the computer and went with that. The CGI scenes actually reduced the quality of the images used, and they seemed to use it when it wasn't needed, such as zoom in shots.
On two minor notes:  The movie needs more Aramis and less Athos, and the technology and the physics are impossible behind the movie. Seriously, how can a person dodge bullets WHILE wearing a big, poofy dress? I would love to see that happen in real life. Also, the air ship is practically physically impossible to maneuver. Yes, I understand its basically a zeplin, with a boat, but still, it still is physically impossible.
I will give the film creidt for the sound track and the artistic effects used. Though the CGI made the movie and the scenes when used seem to go slower, the scenery used and the choreography for the sword fights was amazing. The sound track further heightened the experience, making it overall pleasurable to watch.
The movie is overall very good, and i would recommend you to go see it.

Mata ne Chii

(Please note, my friend will be doing an article on the movie as well. I'll link you to his review as soon as its up :D) 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

A few days ago, a lady at my work asked me what is the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Most people i think would try to give the same answer for both, which is knowing something. However, I answered with knowledge is knowing something through memorization, and that wisdom is applying the knowledge. This conversation went on for a little while, and after she left, i started questioning what was wisdom and knowledge. People use those terms almost interchangeably. People say that wisdom is passed down from generation to generation, but in actuality, under the definition I gave, then that would be knowledge, because you are not applying it to YOUR life.
According to the dictionary, knowledge is information gained through experience and education, or the knowing of theory or application. This is basically more or less I read a book, I memorize the contents, I gain knowledge. Many people when they go through school gain knowledge, because that is what school is about. They make us memorize stuff, and teach us how use machines, but they don't teach us the application of the knowledge.
Wisdom is defined as the quality of having knowledge, experience, and good judgement. But wait a minute, doesn't that sound like knowledge? Actually, notice that it says good judgement ans experience. Knowledge is something you gain through books, and its the theory on how to use it. Wisdom is actually using it in real life applications.
So how does one gain wisdom? I believe it can comes from experience and application of knowledge, but it can also come from ones personality. I'm not saying its bred into someone, but it one personality could affect how they use knowledge. A person with a positive personality will gain positive wisdom, like how to survive tough situations, and little tid bits on how life works in a positive way. A negative person may gain "negative" wisdom, such as being cynical and sarcastic on how they got cheated. Although "negative wisdom" may not seem like wisdom, I think a person can express wisdom negatively.
So, now may i ask you:What do you think wisdom and knowledge are?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

When In Doubt, Have the Plants Protect Your Yard

In the coming month, one can expect raids on their houses by zombies looking for their next meal of brains. There are a few options, though I find that planting pea shooters and other plants on my yard in order to protect my self against zombies. Why not a fire extinguisher? Because the plants can take down the zombies in seconds, leaving just the corpses of zombies piled up on my lawn. Also, don't forget e to spend your sunlight wisely, because the plants need sunlight to grow, and if you plant a plant in the wrong spot, your sunlight gets used up, increasing the chances of the zombies getting what they want. My personal advice is to have sunflowers produce sunlight, because there just isn't enough time in the day.
The Start Up Screen for Plants vs. Zombies

In the game, Plants vs. Zombies, your objective is to defend your house against the incoming zombie raid by using plants. The two mos basic plants are the pea shooters, which do damage to the zombies, and the sunflower, which produces the sun needed to get the plants. The plants require certain amount of sun to be planted, so plan out where you put your plants, because place them in the wrong place, the zombies could be munching on your brains. Also, in the game, you can plant wall-nuts, which block zombies for a bit, and you can plant all sorts of plants, each with different abilities.
At first, the game may seem childish and easy, but it has to be one of the most addictive games I have ever played. The levels start off easy, but as they add in more tpyes of zombies, such as there is a cone-head zombie which take longer to kill, and the disco zombie, which can summon back up dancers, they difficulty increased. I honestly can't count how many times I have had my brains eaten in that game. The levels also have a few different modes, such as day time, daytime with a pool, in which you have to plant lily pads to plant the plants on, night time, where you must use mushrooms in order to beat the zombies, night time with a pool, night time with fog, and finally, the roof. The roof is the hardest level because to roof slants, and the regular plants can't get over the slant, however, catapult plants can.
Along with the main game, there are little mini games that you can play. These vary from the defending the house from plant like zombies, to Wall'nut bowling, which involves using wall'nuts to knock down zombies like bowling pins. These little games are just plain amusing to play,  because it challenges the mind. It makes you think about the constraints you are under for each level. It makes you realize that you can´t just nuke the zombies, and that you must use strategy in order to defeat them.
The game play is suitable for all ages, which is rare for a zombie game. Usually, people associate zombies with rated T or M games, but Plants Vs. Zombies is playable by just about anyone that can use a computer mouse and play a game. I've known kids as young as five that are able to play it. It doesn't contain any scarey elements, but its actually light hearted in nature. If you're looking for a serious, blood and gore zombie game for Halloween, then I'm sorry to say that this isn't the game for you. However, if you love strategy, cute plants that can protect your home, then I must say, this is the game for you

Mata ne Chii~

Friday, October 14, 2011

Definition of a Loli

In recent debates with one of my friends, the thing of what makes a Lolita, or loli, a loli. Is it height? And how tall or short must a girl be to be qualified as a loli? Is it age? Is it breast size? Is it body type? On my quest to find out what a true loli is, we must find the origin and how it came to be.
The term "Lolita" first came in to use after a Russian Novel was written under the same name, written by Vladimir Nabokov. It brings about the use of sexual lust between a grown man and a thirteen year old girl. However, the man loses the girl to death, and tries to move on with his life. However, he becomes obsessed with the desire to have sex with sexually aware young girls. He eventually meets Delores, or known as Lolita, and almost stalks her. He keeps all recordings of their meetings in a little log book.
Now, in the book, Lolita is a young girl, around twelve years in age. Under the presumption that age makes a loli,then my friend calling me a loli would not be correct, as I am 18. If a loli is a minor, or under 18, then most people, by the time they get out of high school should not be called a loli.
But what if height makes the loli? In anime, a loli is considered just about anyone shorter than average. Also, these individuals may be falt chested, and they may act childish and innocent. However, in some anime, they girls are average height, like anime like Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica or in cases of anime like Chobits, the main heroines may all considered lolis because of the way they are drawn. In fact, most Mahou Shoujo, or Magical Girl, animes may be considered loli because the girls are usually flat chested, and child like, but they lack the height of a true loli. Anime that portray a true loli would a (quite frankly messed up) anime like Kodomo no Jikan. The girls are short, and they are in fact true lolis, age-wise, height wise, and breast size wise.

Also, it also bring in the question: what about boobs size? Loli's are known for their flat chested-ness. People claim that loli's can have bigger boobs, but i disagree. If they have bigger boobs, then I believe that they loose some of the child-like inocnce that lolis are supposed to have. Lolis plus bigger boobs to me is not possible. Lolis with bigger boobs look wrong, and it signals to me that they are not as innocent as they seem. Imagine a twelve year old with a full rack, and no hips? That to me is not a loli, that is called messed up twelve year old.
Body type is also an important factor in determining whether or not a person is a loli. A person with full hips to me can not be considered a loli. They are not child like appearance enough, because, honestly, how many children do you see with full hips? Children are usually flat as washboard and lack curves, so if a full out adult tried to be a loli with hips, that is not loli.
Lolis also can reffer to a certain way some one is dressed. Lolita dresses are usually pink, frilly, and have tons of lace. This trend has also taken a turn to fit the those who don't like pink as much to Gothic Lolita, which has more black dresses. But, if an adult, full height and boobs dresses in a lolita dress, are they still considered loli? I say no, because they lack the innocence of a loli, and they are impersonating a loli.
Along with physical characteristics, there is the mentality of a loli. Lolis are usually child like, with the mentality of a child. These characters in anime may not be a aware of whats going on around them and may in fact be a little ADHD. These girls in harems will typically not interest the male lead due the fact he will find them too childish, and he will care for them like a little sister, unless it was a loli harem, then all the typical rules of a harem apply.

Now, can boys be lolis? The answer is yes and no. "Boy Lolis" are not called such; the term used for older women preying on such character is known as "shota-con," derived from a character called Shotarou. Though I don't know the specifics of the book, it
The Definition of a loli may vary from person to person, but to me, it will always be that a child who is sexually attractive, but it flat and acts childish. An adult cannot be loli, and neither can a male. If someone were to consider an adult with hips and boobs a loli, what kind of children have you been looking at?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Monty Python and the UnHoly Grail

As comedy lover, I'm always searching for the next laugh. Will it come from a movie or my friends or perhaps life? Monty Python and the Holy Grail brought tears of laughter my eyes, and I have to call this movie one of the greatest comedies to ever be released.
For those who have heard of Monty Python, you are probably aware of the internet memes that surround the movie. Many times have I seen an anime synced up to the scene of Arthur fighting the knight and the line, "T'is but a scratch" and then it will followed by "A scratch? Your arms off!" Also, you might have heard "The Knights who say 'Ni!'" parodies by using an annoying character to say it to irritate the others. All these lines drew me to Monty Python, and made me wonder what type of movie it was.

The movie, with in seconds had me laughing, and it was before the action started. The opening credits have hilarious subtitles in them, and also involve people getting sacked. However, after everyone gets sacked, they revert to a flashy, colorful intro. I almost have to say it seizure worthy. It provided a good laugh, just the thing i need to get me going into an amazing comedy.
Next, after the hilarious credits, we see our main character, King Arthur, King of the Britans, come galloping about on his... invisible horse. That's right, invisible horse.  He has a guy following behind him, clopping coconuts in the rhythm that would represent a horse's hooves. He goes up to a castle, where he then requests to speak with the lord and master of the castle. However, the guard and Arthur get into a debate on how much weight a swallow could carry and how he came across the coconuts. Then, as he travels across Britain, he comes across two knights fighting, one killing the other violently. As Arthur tries to ask the winning knight to join him in his quest to join him at the round table, the knight states, "None shall pass." Arthur then engages n a fight with the knight, chopping his arms in a blow that shouldn't have hurt anyone. The knights arm then bleed profusely, making me wonder about the physics of 8th century England.
As the story carries on, Arthur and his newly recruited knights of the round table, all riding on invisible horses, are visited by God, telling to seek the Holy Grail. God, however is more animated then real, which posed the thought on one my friends: This movie would be amazing if you were high, and he had a point. The animation for the god scene was not fluid, and his mouth looked like a nutcracker.
From the god scene, the knights travel for a year, which included more animated scenes. (Seriously, why can't life really be like this?) The knights then separate, each going their own way. However, they soon get back together.
Later in the movie, they fight the most fearsome foe around: a white bunny rabbit. What does he do? Does he nibble your bum? No, he just out right attacks you. Apparently, he is the guard to a cave, and he has killed many men with he ferocious attacks. Men be warned! Killer bunny is out to get you!
A little ways later into the movie, Arthur finds his holy grail, but he has to go into battle for it. he meets the French at their castle, and it turns out they have the grail. Can Arthur get the grail from the lousy french? Or will he be defeated? For that my friends, you'll have to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

Una obra en Español

¡Hola! Usted sabe me llamo Chii, y a los que habla españnol, yo sé hablar y escribir en español también. Español no es me lengua primera, entonces, si hacer equivocaciónes, lo siento. A veces, yo escribiría en españnol porqué yo nesecito paracticar mi español. Si tiene unas preguntas, me envia un correo electronico y yo contesará.
Sobre Chii....yo soy un fan de anime de Japón y me gustar jugar los vídeo juegos. Mis favoritos animes son Hetalia, Mahou Shoujou Madoka, Usagi Drop, y otros. (También, quién puede me decir si la palabra [anime] es feminino o masculino? ¡Gracias!) Yo encanta jugar Team Fortress 2 y Portal, los dos son "shooters".
Estoy en la universidad, donde yo tomo las clases de español y matemáticas y íngles. No digo donde yo vivir porque no quiero la gente sabiendo donde yo vivo. pero, yo juego en Steam, y la nombre de Steam es "FlutterDash." ¡También, me ENCANTA los pengüinos! Los son fluffy y bonitos. ¿Quién nesecita los hombres cuando tiene los penüinos? Tengo un pillow de pingüinos y yo duermo con el cada noche.

Mata ne Chii (Adiós, Chii)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No! Don't Go Into the Light!

In anime, ecchi sells when plot doesn't. However, how does it sell when people expect boobs and they are unfortunately denied this when Japanese anime decides to put in censors. But, in the case of R-15, it was badly done, and half the series I was staring at a white light, even for the minorest of panty shots.
Enter Inspiration academy, a school for geniuses. Taketo, a genius pornography writer is admitted to the school because he can write a porn novel in seconds. At high old school, he was shunned by the girls because of his perverted-ness, but all the girls at his new school don't know that he is a porn writer, just that he is novelest. Of course, in a tradional harem, he is surrounded by the Tsundere, or a girl that can go from bitchy to lovey in about two point five seconds, Raika, who is a famous photographer. He meets Narukara Fukune, a genius, but quiet, clarinet player, and Sonokoe Utae, a pop idol, and a genius. These girls help shape him, and some of them even give him inspiration for his novels, but he develops a crush on Narukara because she did not induce a sexual fantasy in his mind.
Now, these sexual fantasies happen at least once an episode. Now, while these sexual fantasies are nice at the base, involving those he is around in all the sexual glory they deserve. Only one problem that ruined the whole rutine: THE HORRENDOUS CENSORS! Every single little panty shot was blocked by a huge white light. Every boob shot had a huge white light. It felt like ok there's no story, no ecchi, just too many damn censors.
Seriously, I hope it gets taken out for the Blu-Ray/DVD versions. This is probably the only way this anime will sell because people watching on tv got fed up with the light, and will wait for uncensored versions.

The only redeeming things about this series is the art and music. The art (when it wasnt being blocked by a white light) was very modern and very fluid. Usually I don't listen to end themes, but the end theme for R-15 was addicting and pop-like. It was happy, and cheerful, and fast, almost more like an opening theme, but it worked for the end as well.
The end was pleasing in my opion though. Most ecchi now a days have no true conclusive ending because, being based off games, they can't make a true end. This anime actually made an attempt at an end, and it worked. Without giving too much away, i will say i was happy for Taketo.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Wet Truth About Dry Cleaning

Everyday, people pick up dry cleaning and drop it off. These outfits may vary from nice blouses, to dress pants, and even more embarassingly: cotton tee-shirts that one could easily wash in their home. But sadly, my job thrives on those idiots.
Dry cleaning uses a whole host of harmful chemicals that can cause allergic reactions in some people and it can pose a serious health risk to those cleaning the clothes. One of these chemicals, called perchloroethylene, or commonly known as PERC, can pose harmful effects to peoples liver, kidneys and other organs, even after people bring them home. The chemical is commonly used to removes stains from clothes, and yes, while it may be effective, the clothes can soak it up, leaving a threat to those around you.

Now, I understand people taking valueable clothing, such as those made of silk, and those that cannot get wet to a dry cleaner. My problem is this: It's when people bring in regular, 100% cotton shirts to a dry cleaner, when those can EASILY be washed in the comfort of ones own home, with out the exposure to chemicals. WHy make the people dry cleaning your clothes go through the extra risk of breathing in toxic chemicals to clean a cotton shirt? Please, if you're going to dry clean something, make sure you can't throw it in your washing machine at home and clean it. 
Also, here another thing, at dry cleaners, the rate for dry cleaning a shirt it probably anywhere from $3.00 to $6.00 per shirt. At home, the only thing you might pay for is detergent, fabric softner(if you so wish), water(If you're on city lines), and electricity. But, per load these will not add up to over $3.00.
For people with money to spend to get their underwear cleaned, please don't. When you do that, you release harmful toxins in to the air, and even around your self. True, it's not proven that you can get cancer from these toxins, but some people do have allergies to the harsh chemicals used.Although there are alternatives, if you have a cotton shirt, or anything else that could be washed, please, save some chemicals, save the air, and don't bring it to the dry cleaners. Silk, and other materials that have to be dry cleaned is understandable, but seriously, if its just a cotton shirt that can be washed, you're watsing your time by taking it up there, your money, and putting other peoples, and your own, health at risk

Mata Ne Chii

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Usagi Drop-A Heartwarming Tale

Rarely in anime, do we ever get a heart warming tale that is slice of life combined with some comedy. Now a days, anime is concentrated on boobs, harem, or moe. Usagi Drop, however, concentrates on what it really means to be family, and how a tragedy can bring families together, and all the hard ships parents have to go through with  kids, even if the kids aren't their own.
Usagi Drop was aired this past summer, animated by Production I.G. and Fuji TV, and the original novel was written by Unita Yumi. The anime follows Daikichi, an average man, focused on his job, but all of a sudden his grandpa dies. Right after the death, it is revealed that his grandpa had an illegitimate child with one of his maids! Rin, the child is stuck in a limbo and no one wants to take care of her, until Daikichi takes her under his care. At first, he doesnt know exactly how to handle Rin, but over time, their bond develops, and he realizes what it truly means to be a parent.
The story was very simple slice of life, but it was not two people falling in love, but more the bond between an adult and a child. You are not actually able to hear what Rin thinks, but you are more or less following Daikichi and his part of the bond. You see all the sacrifices that he makes in order to do the best for Rin, even if it means he will loose pay at his company so he can be home earlier to take care of her.
I highly recommend Usagi Drop if you're looking for a slice of life with no ecchi, no lolicon, and just a pure story. Often times, this anime will make you smile in a way that can only be described as heartwarming. It will bring pureness into your life, and make you wonder what would you give up for the sake of a child.

Mata ne Chii~

Friday, October 7, 2011

Now You're Thinking with Portals

Welcome to Aperture Science Facilities. Please note-Following this experiment you will be rewarded with grief counseling and there will be cake.
 In Portal, a game published by Valve, you are promised cake if you can get through various test facilities, each one more dangerous than the next. You play as a human girl named Chell, and you are given a new piece of technology called the Portal Gun, a device that can make portals in just about any place you so desire,and also cost more than all of your organs put together. Portals are like doors, except that instead of walking straight through to the other side, you can walk in to the right of a wall and come out right behind where you started. You can launch your self using portals, also though the laws of Physics still apply here. As it is stated, "Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out."
In the game, each test chamber is a puzzle and you must use portals, little metallic blocks, and wit to solve each one, and each one is harder than the next. You are being watched by a voice, a sarcastic voice. As you progress through the chambers,and discover secret rooms, you start to wonder what was really wrong with Aperture  Are they really who they say they are? And will there be cake? Near the end, you find out that the voice that is watching you has a hidden motive.
Near the end of the game, each test test chamber get more rage quit worthy. If you don't rage quit at least once in Portal, you are either a genius or patient. Portal offers a unique set of puzzles, and it will keep you on your toes in order to solve all the test chambers and see what is REALLY going on at Aperture Science Facilities.

Mata ne Chii~

(Remember when I was like "Goodbye" and you were like "No way?" Good Times)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

ChildHood Memories

We all had our favorite Movies growing up. For some young girls it was Snow White or Beauty and the Beast, ad for some guys, it was Batman or Superman. For me personally, it was Disney's Movie "The Little Mermaid. It was a hearwarming tale, of fantasy, music, and a girl striving for what sh desired. Even though the other Disney Princess movies held similar qualities of a girl wanting to get married, or trying to get what she wanted, The Little Mermaid had a little bit different way of telling the story.
The movie starts off with our Protagonist, Ariel, who is a mermaid infatuated with the human world, and everything that comes with it. Her father on the other hand, find that humans are bad, but really does not give a reason for not wanting Ariel to interact with them in the movie. As the movie begins, Triton is holding a concert for showcase Ariel and her sisters (whose names we never truly know) But Ariel is a no show, because of course she is hunting for human treasure.
As the movie progressed, you find out that Ariel has a whole grotto of human stuff. She has anything that she looted from sunken human ships, anything forks and knifes to books. After she breaks into a musical number, where she apparently has no grasp on human vocabulary, she notices some shiny thing glistening on the surface she decides to check it out, which we know are fireworks.
At the surface, there is a human ship and she spies in on it, where we see our lovely Prince Eric, the "Prince charming" in this Disney piece. As she spies in them, the ship catches fire, and she, or course, has to rescue him.
Eric awakes to Ariels Singing, and lo and behold, instant love. But, she cant be with him for long because Eric's butler comes around. A little while later, Triton finds Ariel's Secret Grotto and basically nukes it. After the destruction, the Sea Witch's assistants, Flotsam and Jetsam, to tell Ariel that that the Sea Witch could help with Ariel's troubles.
Ursula, the sea witch, the black magic user, and the main antagonist of the movie. She offer Ariel a deal, that she'll turn Ariel into a human for three days in exchange for her iconic voice. After turning into a human, with no voice, she (miraculously) meets Eric on the beach, where he seems to recognize her, but oh, what will he do with out know what she sounds like because he is blind? Oh well,He takes her in anyways, and then its love and dates on fast forward, with Sebastian the crab direction the musical numbers.
Ursula, who is spying on them, see them almost kiss and break the spell decides to do something, and makes her self human, wit Ariel's alluring voice, and entrances Eric into marrying her, because Eric is an audiophile, and clearly cant remember girls based on face and looks but rather he focuses on voice. After the animals ruin the wedding, because nothing is more disastrous than a flock of animals, in coordination with each other, crashing a wedding. Ursula as human looses her voice, and Ariel regains her lost voice and finally, Eric realizes he got the right girl all along. Well, too bad pretty, boy, Ariel's spell ran out on the third day at sundown, and Ursula's true nature is revealed, and Ariel and Ursula plummet to the depths of the water. Eric, of course goes to save his maiden with the pretty voice, and he (of course) defeats Ursula at the end, and everything's happy. Ariel's dad realizes he cant hold on to Ariel forever and lets her join the humans.
The art work for the Little Mermaid for me can be divided into two parts, the underwater part, which is far superior to the lad part, which is the second part. The underwater part was filled with vibrate colors and while the land colors had some vibrancy, it was a different and much more earthly feel to them
All in all, it's a wonderful movie that the whole family can enjoy, and it still continues to be one of my favorite movies of all time
Mata ne Chii~


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