Sunday, May 13, 2012


As you may have figured out, I am a huge, huge anime fan. I watch anime almost 24/7, and I write about about anime, but watching anime and writing about it are not the only ways I have access to the Japanese culture. Music is another way that the Japanese have influenced otaku as my self through anime, and eventually the bands that we find through anime we listen to them more and more, and eventually some of their non-anime releases. Personally, one of my favorite Japanese bands, LM.C I found out through anime, and have been addicted to listening to them ever since.

When I first heard of LM.C, I actually heard their song BOYS&GIRLS as the second opening to Katekyo Hitman Reborn. When I heard the full version of the song, I will admit, I was impressed. Later on, LM.C did the fifth opening of the same anime, and while this song was a bit more mellow than BOYS&GIRLS, 88 was still respectable in its own way. When I found some of their other songs, I couldn't help but to be impressed, and because they were one of the few Japanese bands available on iTunes. Naturally, I bought all their CD's, and was epically pleased. Also, they did the the openings for the Nurarihyon no Mago Season openigs, Hoshi no Arika and THE LOVE SONG.

The band its self consists of two main people: Aiji and Maya on guitar and vocals respectively, though Maya does do some of the guitar lines and Aiji does some of the vocals. They came together after their own bands disbanded, and then they formed LM.C. Their first album, Super Glitter Loud Box, and their second album Gimmical Impact, though released at different times in Japan, were released on the same time internationally. They have other singles, such as 88, are also available.

Their music could possibly be called rock or J-Pop, but in a way it does not fit into either category. One source called it "New century Electrorock," though that seems a bit wrong as well, but probably the best way to describe it. The use synth guitar, and their tunes have an upbeat feel to them, but along with the upbeat feel, there is a rock part of it that makes you want to do a head-bang along with the music. Also, even though Maya may look like a girl, the voice that comes out is clearly a guy's, and they have beautiful and melodic voices.  Their music is mostly in Japanese, with a couple of English lyrics thrown in, but due to translations found online, it is easy to understand them better, and their lyrics actually hold some meaning, such as lost love.

Although not many in America might know about them unless they have watch the anime for which they performed, they have came to anime conventions here. They don;t come to America that often, nor do they travel abroad that much, and one time when they did, they were stopped due to swine flu concerns, however, I do hope that they come here more in the future, and perhaps go on tour here to various anime conventions, though I think chances of that happening are slim to none.

LM.C was one of the bands that introduced me to Japanese music. True, before I found LM.C, I heard Japanese music through anime, but never before had I stepped out of the realm of anime music. What I found outside the realm of anime music was actually pretty amazing, and hope for many more adventures in music to follow.

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