Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chipotle Rounding

One of my favorite places to it is Chiptole. I'll admit, I am not a big fan of Mexican, but there is something about Chipotle I have to love about them. Their burritos are very good, and I get to choose what goes on it, and what doesn't, and they have very good meat that goes on it. However, some people can't enjoy it as much as I do due the fact that some penny pinchers are complaining about the rounding that Chipotle has engaged in recently.

I will admit, I am not rolling in money, so I have to conserve a lot of money. I will try to save as much money as I can, but this is ridiculous. People are complaning about how they are adding a penny to the total in order to move the line faster. While I disagree with adding money to the total, I do agree with rounding a few pennies.

Where I am at, a steak burrito costs $6.98 with tax included. Now if I'm not using a debit card, then taking out exactly six dollars and ninety eight cents is annoying so usually I'll just give then seven dollars and keep the change. Why? Because honestly I don't feel like keeping two pennies in my pocket just for me to loose later.

This really brings up the question: Do we need the penny? While you may be wondering what this has anything to do with the issue at hand, I have to say that this is almost the whole issue at hand. In the cases of rounding, it was by a penny or two to the nearest five cents. They claimed they did this to move lines faster so that their cashier didn't have to fondle for change in the register, especially pennies. What is a penny or two difference going to make?

The penny is nearly worthless now, due to the fact that the cheapest thing I could probably find is fifty-cents at some thrift shop, and even then, they're more expensive. I must ask you, have you seen anything for a penny? Have you seen anything for less then seventy-five cents at a store? No, you have not. That is how worthless a penny is. It's one-hundreth of a dollar, and in order to get a candy bar, you need a hundred of them. Honestly, I think the Chipotle issue could push more restaurnats to do rounding to nearest five cent, and if more and more do it, I can honestly see the penny being abolished.

Now, if you you say rounding is wrong, and cheating you out of money, I wil say this to you: They round by a penny or two. They were not rounding $6.52 to $7. That's wrong. Rounding $6.24 to $6.25 is not. They were only making a penny at the most, and like I have stated before, almost worthless. So please people, calm down, and relax: loosing a penny won't kill you.

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