Saturday, January 25, 2014

Welcome to the Howling Abyss

So it has been a while,yes? All that aside, on my time off I have picked up a game you guys might familiar with called League of Legends, but more importantly the game mode known as ARAM.

Now, incase you're not familiar with ARAM,it stands for All Random All Mid. Your champion is selected at random from the champions you own and the ones that are free for that week. If you get a champion you really don't like, ypu can switch with a team mate provided you both have the champion or you can reroll and you earn rerolls by storing up points from playing ARAM. 

The all mid part refers to the fact that the Howling Abyss, unlike Summoners Rift, only has one lane. In this lane, you have two friendly turrets and two enemy turrets along with both teams have an inhibitor near the base and two turrets defending each nexus. Also wandering the map are creatures called Poros. These creatures neither help nor harm you; they just simply exist. 

The thing I love about ARAM is the fact there is a chance you will get a champion you know very well or the chance you'll get a champion you never played before. If it a new champion, you can get the feel for their skills and possibly learn to play said champion on Rift. Also, it means because you're team is chosen at random, that means you can get out of the meta because you can have a team filled with all Attack Damage Carry(ADC) or a team of all tanks or a team of all supports.

Another reason I like ARAM is the fact that the people who usually play are relaxed. I say this usually because the champions are selected at random. Most people don't yell at you for being bad a champion because it was not your decision to play that specific champion. Very few people will get mad at you if you try to at least to make some assists.

Overall, ARAM is a very fun format. It a break from Classic and it helps with me learning a new champion. If you havent checked it out, I high recommend it.

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