Saturday, June 9, 2012

Holy Knight

Many of you have figured out that vampires are now a huge trend in the literary world, from anime to manga, to even novels. Some are very blatant about the fact that the work is about vampires, and the other is just very subtle, or it pushes it on to you last minute. Holy Knight is the latter example, but it pulls it off decently.

Our story is a bit unclear from the beginning, but Mizumura Shinta is an ordinary student, but one day, he meets Kishimoto Lilith, a Romanian half-vampire, half human girl, who he bumps into on day while walking to school with his child hood friend, Chizuru. Lilith makes obvious advances on Shinta, such as wanting to have sex with him, and even to the point that she wants to have his children, due to the fact he has a special bloodline of vampire hunters. 

The story for this OVA is not that good, but it had the potential to be a great story. I think they could have easily made this OVA longer, or even into a full anime T.V series, but I think the OVA was supposed to be for fans of the manga, who already know the story, or perhaps even get people to buy and read the manga. It might have worked, because I might pick up the manga just to figure out what happens next with Chizuru and Lilith, and if Shinta and Lilith ever get together. 

The art for this anime was superb, I will admit. each character was well drawn, and of course the lingerie on Lilith was well drawn.The backgrounds were well drawn, and it was colorful where it should have been, and dark where it should be. Of course, the boobs on the chicks were big as ever, since this was an ecchi OVA, and that's the main selling point.  The only character design I saw as weird was the exercise instructor that Chizuru was doing a work out to.

The anime characters creates more questions than it answers in my mind. Lilith, a half-vampire, half-human, wants to have a vampire hunter's babies, and my only question is what was she thinking? I don't think going up to someone saying that you want to have their babies is a great pick up technique, but hey, in this situation it almost worked. Also along those lines, since Lilith is Romanian, why is her last name a Japanese one (Kishimoto)? Another question that the anime created was about his child hood friend, Chizuru, who is shown to heal unreasonable fast, and that is never explained. Otherwise, for the OVA, you can get a basic grasp of how the characters are supposed to work, but I'm hoping for a full T.V. series to fully explain the characters.

This anime has left me with the impression that if I ever made a drinking game of how many times this anime made me derp, then I'd honestly be dead. Not because I have crappy alcohol tolerance, but because seriously, this anime made no sense at all. I enjoyed it for what it was worth, but I'm hoping that this is just a pilot series, and the real T.V. series is coming later. 


  1. Is the real sires coming later ?! Are you
    sure of that?!

    1. And if so when will it be coming out and what's the new title of it