Sunday, June 3, 2012

Peter Pan Syndrome

I bet that everyone has had dreams of flying at some point in their lives. The thrill of being able to soar above the population below has long enchanted writers and even with the invention of the airplane, it seems that it is a popular topic through literature. Manga is no different, and Peter Pan Syndrome follows the thrills of a girl who has the ability to fly.

Our story follows Hasumi Kohaku, a girl who can fly at night, or when it is raining or snowing, or just plain over cast. She moves into town to find her mother who dissapeared when she was very young and her search leads to  her meeting Tachibana Yuuro, a young arrogant boy who is supposed to be next hospital head, though her using her flying abilities to save his life. Will she find her mother, and her happiness in this town or was moving there all in vain?

The story for this has a simple beginning because it is something that we have all have seen before: a young girl in search of a missing parent. The addition of the super power was a nice addition, I'll admit, but of course in shoujo manga, there is the romance part of it. The story does take a somewhat dark turn, but not overly dark, and it still fits with the theme of shoujo manga. 

The characters were sort of well developed for a ten chapter manga, but I felt like the manga could have been a bit longer to fully explain the events that happened in the past, and still held my attention. Kohaku was yur typical shoujou heroine, even though she could fly, although about mid way through the series, you realize that she has a rather dark past. Yuuro is our typical love interest that acts a bit cold towards to the heroine at first, but gradually warms up to her. Eventually, we meet Touko, who is a potentional love rival for Kohaku. Yuuro's brother, Kyouri, really doesn't really do anything for the story in particular, he just acts as a foil for Yuuro.

The art work for this manga was decent and personally eye pleasing. The characters were well drawn in that shoujou fashion everyone either loves or hates. Yes, that does mean the eyes take up abOut half the face, and every boy is a pretty boy. All characters I cod tell apart from the others, even in black and white.

Overall, for such a short manga, it was well done. I liked the characters, and personally, I hope for sequels to tell the story after the end. J
My only complaint about this manga is just the fact the end seemed a bit off, and there was some room tO definitely continue the story.

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