Tuesday, March 27, 2012

High School DxD

As the winter season draws to a close, to bring in the new anime for the spring, I must say that this season was full of interesting anime, from teenage girls fighting each other in an alternate world, to the daily live's of high school boys. However, as interesting as those may sound, they were not the anime that caught my eye. The anime that caught my eye was the anime about a perverted boy and some devils, the ecchi anime known as High School DxD. 

 Ecchi anime have a reputation for having no story, but in the case of High School DxD, it actually had a story about a high school boy named Hyoudou Issei who meets a beautiful girl named Rias Gremory, who is a demon. He then becomes a demon and fights against fallen angels and exorcist along with Rias' other demon slaves.

The story premise is actually rather good in my opinion, with the demons being the good guys, although that is hardly new. However, it was still amusing because of the main character being human before being a demon. Also, it was amusing because the demons work similar to chess, with Rias being the "King" and each of her slaves being a chess piece, and each chess piece has certain powers, for example the rook is super strong, and the knight defies odds.

The art for this series was superb. Each of the characters were well drawn, and their assets were well noted. One thing I will give the company who aired it is the fact they didn't sensor it. It was boobs galore, with loads of fan service through out the fights. I will give them credit that they did not have boobs randomly pop out and  just did not over do the boobs, and they made the circumstances of which the boobs were shown believable. Along with that, everything was fluid, and well drawn, and actually very eye-catching.

The characters to me felt like they had so much potential because of the different types of characters, however, I do feel like this where the anime suffered the most. A lot of time was spent on boobs, and while it did provide for some laughs, I felt like the characters had so much potential, especially Asia and Rias. The other characters for this anime were flat, two-dementional, and barely memorable, which disappointed me great because I felt like they could have been developed a lot more, but instead they focused on Rias and her boobs, and Issei's fascination with the boobs of all women.

Despite all of its pitfalls, and some of the blandness, it still proved an interesting watch overall. I liked the premise, and although the execution failed on a few levels, it still proved interesting and managed to get its point across. I actually hope for a season two, with more of Issei's adventures, and maybe give the characters a bit more depth.


  1. why did the anime ended?

    1. It ended because I assume there was not enough material to keep going with it, which is a pity because it was such a good anime

  2. ride the novels guys ...... xD they are on season 13 i think and on september- august is going to appear a new anime chapter but it will be spoiler if you did not read the novels, the manga was also left behind