Friday, March 16, 2012

Sora no Otoshimono: Tokeikake no Angeloid

To be honest, ecchi series are almost a guilty pleasure for me sometimes. There is just something about it that just appeals to me. Maybe it's a lack of story that falls into comedy, or maybe that wide grin I get because I know that guys are enjoying the panty shots and boobs, in which I see those everyday no problem, or maybe it's because it's just senseless fun that helps me enjoy this so much. When I heard one of my favorite ecchi series was getting a movie, I couldn't help but to think that this was an advancement for the genre on a whole. However I think they took the steps in the wrong directions.

Our plot is almost non-existent, which in ecchi, not always a bad thing, but in this movie did not work at all. The first half of the movies was a recap of the first two seasons of the anime through the eyes of Sakurai Tomoki's stalker,Kazane Hiyori. The next part of the plot after the recap is her joining the club Tomoki is in, and her adventures there.

Where to begin on this train wreck of misfortune. The plot was weak, seeing as it was over half the movie recaping the first two seasons of the anime. While yes, it was good to have a refresher, I think they should have made the recap portion shorter, because if you skip the recap, you essentially have a thirty-five minute to a forty-five minute OVA, not an hour and a half movie.

The art for the movie was basically the same as the anime series, with Sakurai going chibi at random monets through out, and the weird censors. It was fluid, and clean. The characters were well designed, and they each were distinguishable.

In the characters department, I don't think they advanced that far for two reasons: one is the fact that yes, half the movie is recap, and that limits how much they could develop. Also, I don't think they could develop the characters too much because it's a movie, and they could not deviate too much from the source material aa the manga. I can respect this, but it still doesn't change the fact that the side characters hardly got any development, let alone screen time. I think they could have incorporated the side side characters more into the story. I wish Kazane's story was a bit more explained out, in which  I will not spoil anything, but they did a weak job on her character.

Overall, this movie was a let down. Not a good story or character development was present, nor did the characters do well overall. I would recommend this to the hard-core fans, and even then, this movie is a let down. The characters were weak, the plot was non existent, and this movie, honestly though I hate to admit it, since I'm very glad that an ecchi anime got a movie, but this could have easily worked as an OVA or maybe this arc could have been incorporated in the third season. What ever the case may be, I just honestly pray that the third season is better than the movie.

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