Sunday, November 6, 2011

Justin Beiber's Baby: Is it a Scam?

In recent news, in case if you haven't heard, there are allegations that Justin Beiber fathered a baby when he was 16. Beiber has denied this allegation, though there is still some suspicion going on. So, what is going on here?
A woman by the name of Mariah Yeater, a 20 year old woman from California, claims that Justin Beiber, then 16, had sex with her back stage when she was 19. She was on the front row, and security randomly picked her to go back stage. Somewhere along the line, she got pregnant, whether by Beiber or not, but now claims the baby is his. Also, for Yeater's baby, there is no father listed on the Birth certificate.
So, what could this mean for Yeater and Beiber? For one, if this allegation is true, Yeater basically admitted to statutory rape, which is an adult, usually qualified as 18 or over, having sex with a minor. In California, where to alleged act took place, it is unlawful for anyone under the age of 18, and punishment for the act can vary on the circumstances. In cases where the older person is less than 3 years older, then it is just a misdemeanor, which is punishable up to a year in county jail in California.  Secondly, I believe this will give Justin Beiber even more publicity, even more than his girlfriend, Selena Gomez is giving him. I mean honestly. the kid hasn't released an album since 2010, even though one is planned for release later this year. All the headlines you hear about him are not how he reached the number one spot on a chart, or that he is going on tour. You hear bout paterneity tests and him going on dates with his girlfriend.

As for Yeater, no matter the outcome, she will loose legally. If the baby is in fact Justin Beiber's, she could be convicted of statutory rape. Also, Beiber could have to pay child support fines. If the baby is not his, then Yeater could be convicted of slander.Along with that though, Yeater is trying to press charges against Beiber, for the birth of her son, which she claims cost her $25,000, because she is uninsured and is unemployed. She is also on Food stamps, as she was when she got the front row tickets to Beibers show.
All in all, I think this was a publicity stunt for Yeater, who needs money, and apparently some attention too. Also, I think that Beiber is using this stunt in order to make more money for hims self. Actually, this does not hurt him, unless the baby turns out to be his. But the only thing that he would have to do is pay child support charges. Also, I think that if it is his baby, then there might be some rocky waters between him and Gomez, due the fact she is waiting for marriage for sex, and that he is waiting for the right person.
In reality, this case spells trouble for all parties involved. The only winning situation, socially and legally, is if the child was his, and he admitted to having consensual sex with Yeater, and that Gomez accepts the fact that he messed up big time.


  1. God I hope not. If this baby is his, kiss his career good by. His entire career is around a squeaky clean image which can be sold to young girls. That image goes up in smoke as soon as it turns out he fathered a baby out of wedlock with a random fan he never even called back twice after a sordid affair in the bathroom. He will instantly become unmarketable to the tweens, and as such, his career will die instantly.

    His new album will tank, Gomez will leave him, he'll loose a good chuck of his fortune in child support, and odds are good the next time we'll see im, he'll be some coke addict on the Suureal Life in ten years.

    Let's keep our fingers crossed.

  2. Haha I think the child support he would be required to pay would be minimum because seriously, how many stars can you see going bankrupt over child support? But yes, soon he will be unmarketable (actually i think he already is, due to the fact the only news you hear about him involved his girlfriend) due to the legal trouble all this is causing. rsut me, I'm keeping my fingers crossed too :P

  3. In addition to child support, there is occasionally a percentage of the father's income that goes to the mother/child. Let's hope it's huge.

  4. Yeah but i think that what the mother wants, because she is/was living off foodstamps and needing money, so in this case she would win, though she would convicted of statutory rape

  5. Personally, the story is just crazy enough to be beleiveable. Personally, the reason I think she waited so long was because, lets be honest, who would believe Justin Bieber got laid?

    The kid has had a few inccidents that have hinted his image is cracking, and I hope this sounds the death knell for his fifteen minutes.

  6. The kid is three months old,and by the way he IS taking the paternity test in December. But, I read somewhere the pregnancy doesnt add up to Yeaters timeline, so yeah...hopefully this will crash his popularity though...How did this...thing get so popular anyways??