Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pirates Of THe Carrabean IV-On Stranger Tides

Pirates series has to be among the darkest things Disney has produced. Although, over the years, we have come to love Jack Sparrow for his crazy antics, verging on the line of insane and brilliant. We have watched him battle various enemies, such as Captain Barbossa, and other crazy villains. The sheer insanity of it (and perhaps a few Johnny Depp fan-girls) has brought the series billions of dollars, and it has won the hearts of people everywhere. The fourth installment of the pirates movies is no different from the other three, bringing about insanity, super-natural beings, comedy,pirates and improv schemes that always seem to according to plan.

In beginning of the movie, Captain Jack Sparrow is supposed to be going up on trail for crimes of piracy, where in turn, Gibbs is actually taken in for Jack Sparrow. The judge then proceeds to convict him, but you can notice it is Jack Sparrow. Gibbs is then taken out, and you see the Jack had tied up the real judge and stolen his wig. Also, Jack joins Gibbs in the carriage, believing that they are going to a get away location, though as it turns out, the driver is a traitor, because they are then surrounded by the British Troops.

They bring Jack Sparrow to the hall of a great important British official, where you also find out that Captain Barbossa is now playing for the British. They offer him a great deal: a ship and crew, though at the expense that he would not be able to captain the ship. Jack then escapes, though not forgetting of the delicious cake things (Too be honest, it looked like a macaroon though I'm not sure). I will give Jack Sparrow credit where it's due: He can get him self out of any situation with pure luck and maybe a bit of genius.

Along the way, he meets up with a woman that he had some previous engagement as, though posing as him to get crew for her ship. The woman is Angelica, who is Black Beard's daughter. She wants to team up with him in order to find the fountain of youth, as you may know, grants the user eternal youth. The only twist is that you must gain the years of life from another person with the exchange of the water in the goblets, one with a mermaid tear, and the one without.

Jack Sparrow gets captured and he is then thrust upon Black Beard's ship. Also on the ship, it a captive mersonary named Phillip Swift. Now, I'll be honest, they treat him like shit through out the entire movie. You first meet him tied up on the mast of Black Beard's ship. He gets stabbed a few times, and just when you think he should be dead, he is alive again. Black Beard and his crew want to capture a mermaid, for the tear is essential for granting the eternal youth. They send a crew out to see on a little life boat, and then shine man made light on them, because apparently mermaids are attracted to man made light. In about an hour, and the mermaids are at the boat.  They try to lure the men to their deaths, because they will take a man to the deepest part of the ocean and then eat his soul. The original plan fails, though one mermaid is trapped in the rubble. She is then captured and then lugged around in a case of water, because they want a fresh mermiad tear.

As paths are crossed, and alliances are made, the movie provides an interesting watch. I'll even admit to it being on par with the first movie, and the third movie. It provided entertainment, and for once, I didn't have to deal with the romance between Will and Elizabeth, because their arc is over, because this movie is more or less a spin off, and centers around Jack Sparrow. It provided many laughs and the plot schemes are amazing, and I think that it is worth the buy.

One of the few complaints I had about the movie was that the whole fountain of youth thing. It's just bizarre, and then when they finally find it, the Spanish, who have been searching for it the entire time like they were in real history, show up. They are shown a few times through out the movie, though they just kind of show up, and go away. Along with the Spanish, the method of the gaining the youth. I thought that it was supposed to be that you take a few sips, and done. I guess this is just an interesting spin on the myth, though it seems stupid.

The other thing I didn't like about the Movie was that they kept trying to kill Phillip Swift. He gets stabbed repeatedly, and should have been dead from the start. Also, the romance between him and the mermaid, who he eventually dubbed Syrena, was sort of ok, but it felt rushed. I say more mermaid time, and less time on Phillip Swift getting stabbed, and moaning in pain.

Overall, this movie is a must buy/download. (Yes, for a pirate movie I highly recommend pirating)  It is probably one of the best pirates movies, even though there is only if there is only four of them. There is a possibility of a sequel, thought the end sort of completes it, even though it leaves a few open ends in regards to Phillip. I say go for it, because if you're a pirates fan and crave more Jack Sparrow, you will not regret sitting down and watching it.

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