Thursday, November 3, 2011

Toy Story 3-All Grown Up

It seems the big movie trend is continuing, even in the Disney and Pixar Universe. This time it was Toy Story that got it's second sequel. While the sequel wasn't bad, I will give Disney/Pixar credit: they made the story more impacting than the other two, and even made some of it down right creepy.
The story this time actually is Andy, the main kid going off to college. For some reason he has kept his childhood toys, because who doesn't feel a bit of nostalgia growing up. They show him growing up the way we sometimes see our selves grow up: through the mom's video camera. But finally we get to the big day: Andy is grown up, going off to college. His mom makes him clean out his room, stating that everything must either go into attic, donated, or thrown away. Andy decides to put the majority of the crew in the attic, and only taking Woody, our beloved cowboy, to college with him. However, Buzz and the gang were put in trash bags to be put in the attic, but due to a screw up, they end up on the garbage curb. They then end up at a daycare, and they're greeted by Lotso, a big cuddly stuffed bear. Also, they're greeted by Ken, with whom Barbie, donated by Molly, immediately falls in love with. There is a multitude coming to greet them, all of them friendly.
Woody was able to get out, in order to go to college with Andy, while leaving Buzz and the gang there. The longer Buzz and the gang stay there, the less friendly everyone seems. Everyone is basically held hostage there by Lotso and his minions.
One of the most memorable momeents in the movie is when Buzz Lightyear starts speaking in Spanish. It was kinda like Was that prgrammed in there the entire time? It was first brought about on meme boards, and now, its one of the funnier moments in the movie. Every time he talked, there was Mexican music playing, and he started being all romantic( Not like Buzz at all). He speaks only in Spanish, but luckily for you monolengual English speakers, there are subtitles.
 I feel like the creators knew somehow that the original audience, people around the ages of 14-19 would be watching, due to the tone of the film. One of the creepier scenes in the movie was a group of the Daycare toys playing roulette with one of the animal sound toys, the one where you pull the lever and the arrow spins and it plays the animal sound it lands on. Buzz then intrudes on them, and they hold him hostage. Also, the tone of the movie is way darker than the first two, even though the message is sort of the same. The reoccurring theme in all of the movies is sort of abandoment, though in this movie they took it to a whole new level, and even a creepy level at that. It was sort of like if they didn't get rescued, then they would die.(Wait, is that even  possible)
The ending to the movie is not what you would expect. They make it so the ending has you on the edge of your seat at the climax. Also, the resolution almost made me wanna cry. I won't spoil anything for you,but for all of you who grew up on Toy Story, I think you will enjoy the last (hopefully) installment of the series.

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