Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kohls: Black Friday Advert

Today, I saw one of the scariest things I have ever seen: A song that is so horrible, that it made me want to tear my ears off, has been made into an advertisement. That's right, Friday, most disliked song on the planet, as voted on Youtube, has been made into a Black Friday advertisement. While the song might not be the best written song (in facts it's one of the worse) in the world, why Kohls had to use this song for their advertisement, I will never understand. Also, along with the ear raping melody and lyrics, the visuals in the commercial are disturbing to me.

First the commercial starts of with a typical young blonde waking up while its still dark out, like with any other black Friday ad, except she then starts singing in a horribly familiar tune. She then complains about wanting a coffee, which then prompts the next event that I find the most controversial part of the add: Though I think she was referencing the coffee when she said "Not today," but when she said that line, she pushed an old lady out of the way. Now, I know that Black Friday is a mad house, no matter the store you go to. But in this advertisement, it's like they are promoting  pushing people in lines at Black Friday Madness, and thus prompting violence at the events. I think Kohls has missed all the people getting trampled in recents years, due to the storming of the stores for the great black Friday deals. The Commercial then proceeds to got on the musical number, like any other (horribly) written commercial.

The other problem with this commercial I have is, of course, the song its self. They managed to not make it as whiney pitched as the original, due to its a woman in her twenties singing, and not some talent-less thirteen year old girl singing it. But, non the less, why the had to rip off that mess of a song, I have to wonder. Why are they trying to give her more fame than she already does not deserve. It's an annoying song, and come this holiday season, I will most likely hear the song over and over again, loosing a tiny bit more to my soul each time.

All I have to say to shoppers this holiday season is be careful, don't get trampled, don't trample, and avoid Rebecca Black's song at all costs. It tortures bloggers everywhere, and not just bloggers, everyone is tortured by it, due to the awful auto-tune and horrible lyrics.


  1. so while you were talking about shoping you could have made me a sadvich

  2. Yeah but still you lost bits and bits of your soul doing the rebecca black thing so HA and link back :p