Wednesday, December 7, 2011

KissxSis OVA: A Tale of Two Sisters

In anime, it seems they are always trying to invent new ways to show a relationship. Notorious examples include Teacher and Student, Brother and Sister, and other odd examples. But what happens if they are step brother, and there are twin sisters? Does that make the love legitimate? Or is it because they grew up together make the relationship invalid because they grew up as brother and sister? KissxSis breaks the boundaries of a normal relationship and question the reality of a step brother and step-sister relation ships.

Suminoe Riko and Suninoe Ako, twin sisters, and very competetive with each other over various thigns, such as who weighs the least, and who is more sexually pleasing. They both harbor a crush on their step-brother Suminoe Keita, who is in his last year of middle school, and deciding on a high school that he wants to got to. The sisters however, are perverted as perverted can be, and they usually take out their horniness on their brother, such as sleeping with on his arms, and when he can't move, they then proceed in turn, with Ako being first, to kiss him passionately. After Ako leaves, the insanity ensues even futher with Riko. She proceeds to mess with his morning wood, stimulated by Ako's kiss.

The thing that shocks me about this anime is not the fact that there is a step-sibling love, and possible three way, it's the fact that the parents actually endorse the relationship. Also, it seems that everyone else is making bets of which Keita will choose, due the fact both girls confessed their love to him at the same time.

The twins are what really drive the show humor wise. Their tactics of trying to get together with their brother end in hilarity, or at least awkwardness for Keita. In one scene, he accidentally ends up with his hands near a weird place on both the girls.( Where I won't say because you're just gonna have to find that out for your self). Ako is the innocent one, just doing enough fan service to the audience so they be pleasured, but not overly done so. She is the intelligent one, and the student council president, and the happier one. Riko is the darker one, and more open about her desires. She is the one that's not afraid to express herself sexually, and intentionally tries to provoke Keita's perverted side. Both together, you have guaranteed fan service of extreme proportions, and there is a bit for everyone.

Keita is a typical "harem" lead, though here I use the term here loosely since it is not technically a harem. He not interested at first in the sisters, though later on her gradually gains interest in them, even to the point of smashing his hand to clear thoughts about them. He is the victim of circumstance, always being in the most awkward positions at the worst times, but it adds to the humor.

The art is very fluid, though they are not afraid to show certain stuff, like the spit linking together after a long french kiss. Also, they are not afraid to break boundaries of actually showing what happens to a woman after she is sexually stimulated. Along with that, they show the morning wood in Keita's underpants, a feat that would be censored in TV anime. Although they thankfully do not show nipples or private parts, they do come dangerously close to revealing some of the secret areas of a woman.

KissXSis has fan service for just about every guy around. From the sisters basically begging for sex from their beloved step brother, to Keita's rampant imagination, this anime is sure not to dissappoint those hard-core ecchi fans. I highly recommend this to anime who is looking for a good ecchi with a little spice of something different, or just to those perverts out there.

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