Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011-A Year to Remember

The past year for me has been eventful, I will admit. Even though I haven't had this blog for a year, 2011, however is drawing to a close. Over the past  year, I feel like I have accomplished a lot, though it has not been without its pitfalls.

This past year has come many successes, such as graduating high school, and starting college. It might be a community college, but college none the less, and the next chapter in my life. Though both might seem like an easy feet, the stress that went with both was quite frankly horrendous, though I am glad I have done both. Though I treasure my time in high school, I am excited about completing my first semester at college. College is a new experience for me, due to the fact that everyone is more relaxed somewhat, and there is none of the high school drama, though it does have its own bit of drama. It's also a more diverse group of people in college, anyone from just out of high school people like me, to working adults, to even ex-military people. 

First of all, I would like to thank the wonderful people I have met in 2011. One of my best friends I actually met this year in high school, and he is amazingly kind to me, despite some rough patches. He was the one that introduced me to Team Fortress 2, and other computer games, because before I will honestly say I saw computer games as a waste of space on the computer's hard drive. He has also been there for me when I needed him, and we have really fun memories together.

Along with my best friend, I also met some wonderful people in my English class. These people were the party in my life, and even though they are quite insane, I still treasure that class dearly. Everyday was like a riot, a good riot though, due to the fact we would kind of pick on each other, though some of us got picked on more than others. (я ниет лоли). Besides the folks in my English class, my math class buddies were also amazingly nice. They knew how to joke around, and most of them were new to college, like me, and we had a rough time at first adjusting to the class, and some of us, like my self, had to drop the class. 

Also, this year, I have gotten into more American movies, and gotten more into different types of movies. Before I met my best friend, and also one of my friends on my English class, I usually stuck to anime, and I still tend to, though I am becoming more acquainted with American movies. (If you have any movies that you want me to see or review, email me). Also, I have come to appreciate torrenting a lot more for american movies, and not just downloading three hundred plus gigabytes of anime. 

In 2011, I started this blog. Taking inspiration from one of my friends and fellow blog writer, I have started my own blog. I realized that I could actually write(not that well) about movies, life, and anime. Although it's just a beginning blog, I hope to make this blog my own sort of ramblings about anime and movies, with a few game reviews in between(when I have time to play them...seriously). And even though I cannot write particularly well, this blog is a fun experience to try and become better at writing. 

This year, however, has not been with out its problems. Between my computer crashing, and huge amounts of stress and boredom, it probably has made me a stronger person (also taught me to back up my data regularly.) Along with my computer crashing, I am currently still working on building a computer (like built from scratch) and that has come with its problem; for example, it now lacks the BIOS systems, making it virtually living, but a vegetable. (Thank you infinite loops, you murderous killers). 

But as I look towards 2012, I actually do have a couple goals in mind, most of these revolving around my life and my future. One such goal is to go into the air force, though I doubt it will happen in 2012, though I want to talk to the recruiter. Also, I wanna complete my second semester at college, and do some summer classes so I can hurry up and graduate and go into the air force, due to the fact a college degree will make it easier to join. Along with getting on board with the military, I want to at least learn a language and become decently fluent in it, probably become more fluent in Japanese and Spanish, and maybe pick up the romance languages in my mind: German and Russian. (French is ugly thank you)

Overall, this year has been an excellent year, many mile stones I have gotten passed, and I have met many, many people over the past year. I can honestly say that I hope 2012 is as good, if not better than 2011, and I look forward on keeping the reader(s) posted on the movies I have seen. If you have any anime, movie, game, books, and any other stuff that you may want me to review, or even questions or comments,although I will ask you to make the subject of the email about the blog. (I don't read spam).

I'd Like to thank those who have stumbled across this blog, and hope to see some of you return. Until next year (or a few hours) have fun!