Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Kardashians: Why Do We Care?

If you have turned on the TV or the Radio in the past month, you have probably heard the name "Kim Kardashian" or just the Kardashian name in general. The world seems obsessed with them for some reason, though if you're like me, you just have to wonder one word: Why? Why is the world obsessed with them? Why does anyone care? Why are they famous? In my search for answers, I found out a possible reasons, but none of them stand to justice as to make people who did nothing.

Fist, I would like to look at their family back ground. many claim that their father, Robert Kardashian, who was part of the team that got OJ Simpson the "not guilty" verdict. However, he passed away, and their mother married an Olympic Decathlon person. This leave us with the question: Why are the girls so famous? Their parents and step-dad are famous. What does that have to do with the girls, because the last time I checked, they weren't doing anything spectacular.

The Kardashian that you may be most familiar with is Kim Kardashian, is famous for two reasons: Being best friends with Paris Hilton (another person famous for no good reason) and a sex tape. Yep, you heard right: America basically worships a porn star. Though most of her fame comes from the TV show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," the root will probably always be her sex tape. Also, another reason why her name is coming up so much in the news is the fact that she recently got married to Kris Humphries, and the marriage only lasted seventy-two days. The marriage ceremony was video tapes and glorified for their TV show, and the break up was overly dramatic.

Kourtney, another one of the Kardashians, has been in the news in recent times for having her second child. Seriously America, people have babies all the time. she and her sister Khloe got their own spin off show called "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami," in which they are the stars, and not their more popular sister, Kim. Also, she is cticized for an out of wedlock child, though for some reason of another, America seems to love her.

The Kardashians seem to be famous for being famous. That's actually a bout it: They do nothing, and yet they get a reality show. At least Kate Gosslin pushed six babies out of her at once, and combined with a set of twins, she had eight kids. The Kardashians, they're famous for just being, well being famous. The only people who watch their show is middle age house wives, and the others have no life.

In fact, other people feel that the Kardashian's fame is so uncalled for that they have enven started a boycott petition against them. The petition that was launched according to the Washington Post, wants E! Entertainment, the network that has the audacity to air the Kardashian show, to pull it from the air, because it promotes the wrong stuff, such as over-consumption and greed. They also don't want people to buy the Kardashian line of products, such as Kim's Perfume. Also, they don't want people to shop at stores she endorses.

The fact still remains: Have they done ANYTHING worth TV stardom, fame and fortune? In my eyes, no they haven't. They don't sing, act, or model.They don't do good deeds to help people out, they do much of...nothing, except create drama. So, my fellow readers, please don't give the Kardashians anymore fame than they already have, because they don't deserve it. Once they do something note worthy, then praise them al you want. Until then, don't: you're only stoking their ego.


  1. They're just the latest Reality television rehashing of the rich-bitch lifestyle. People need to quit watching these fools, they're only feeding into the cycle.

  2. exactly we need to protest against them and then let them fall to their own demise >:D

    1. I'll get the knives and the book with the ritual to send a newly-deceased soul to Hell!