Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Un-Go-The Tales of the Defeated Detective

In a world ravages by war and terrorism, and the crimes that may arise from such destruction, only one duo can solve them. One man, one boy, out to solve all the crimes, using wit, flair, and perhaps a bit of supernatural abilities. Yuuki Shinjuurou, and his mysterious partner, Inga, are out to solve all the msyteries that arise, and perhaps learn a little about the world around them in the mean time.

Un-Go is a n anime original anime produce by Bones, as you may know, also produced anime such as Gosick and Darker than Black. As usual, my interest perked when I found out that who it was animated by, and thought that perhaps that this would be a good one, though I was a bit hesitant at first, due to mystery anime not being in my particular favorite genre. Little did I know, I made the right choice in picking up this anime.

At first, the anime is episodic in nature, in the means that it is one mystery for each episode. Yuuki Shinjuurou is a detective, though no ones knows about him due to the fact Kaishou Rinroku has been taking all the credit. His mysterious partner, Inga, can force the truth out of anyone for one question, and they cannot lie when they answer her. Together, they solve the mysteries, piece by piece, though the pieces do add up eventually.

For me, this anime was enjoyable in characters department. Inga and Kazamori are by far the most interesting of the cast. Kazamori is a Robot Artifial Intelligence, or R.A.I for short. These two are the most crucial part in helping Shinjuurou solve his cases. Inga can force the truth out of anyone, and whether or not they want to tell the truth, they will tell her the truth. At other times, when she isn't in the "final" form of "Give me the truth," she takes the form of a child, though whether or not it is a boy or girl we are not sure, though I'm betting its a tomboyish girl. Kazamori can hack into any computer systems and can send data over any electronic device. It usually takes one out of two forms: a small stitched up doll that travels around in Shunjuurou's pocket or a loli girl, because all anime has to have fanservice somewhere.

The story is alright, though at the beginning, everything did not flow together that well. But if you think you can skip episodes, you are actually quite wrong, because all the episodes add a bit of character depth to the cast, as well characters to the already extensive cast. Each episode has twists and turns that you would not expect, keeping on me on edge about what was going to happen next. Although episodic in nature, all the points do flow together eventually.

The art UN-GO is fluid, though I will admit it is a bit odd in a way I cannot explain. Shinjuurou's hair is one thing that is kind odd to me, for being in sharp, unnatural edges, and even in a mullet like style. The place where they really excelled in the art was the child form of Inga, basically wanting to make me give her a hug. Her hat thing, where she usually keeps her hands, is also adorable, and also made me wonder for a brief period of that was attached to her hands. Kazamori's loli form is very, well, loli-ish and probably will appeal to those loli fans out there.

Overall, this is a good detective story, and must watch for all mystery fans. At every twist and turn, this anime will grip your attention with it clever plot. Also, a must watch for any Bones fans, and just the general anime audience. 

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