Monday, February 20, 2012


Imagine if you and your friends one day come across a giant hole, and then you decided to go in it. All of a sudden, you all find a bright lit up mass, and you all decide to touch it, just to realize that the next day you have telekinesis powers.You and your friends experiment on what you guys can do, starting off small, then moving things as big as cars. Finally, you guys learn to take to the skies.  After a while of using your powers, you start to become cocky due to the influence of your friends, and eventually lead to your doom.

The story of Chronicle follows Andrew, Matt, and Steven who come across telekinetic powers by accident. They then start using their powers, but they have nosebleeds as a result of using it too much, but as they get stronger, they don't have as many nose bleeds. As Andrew begins to delve deeper in using his powers, a question arises: the lion does not feel guilty about killing the gazelle, then why do humans feel guilty about killing other humans? As he tries to struggle with the question, and other events going on around him, such as his violent father, and his dying mother, his friends have to save him from the ultimate weapon: himself.

The story was quite interesting really. I liked how the people who came across the super powers were just average guys, with no ulterior motive in to using them. Often times in super hero movies, the guys who receive the super hero powers are often times the self-sacrificing types, and while they might use their powers for good and try to beat the bad guys, I think that is actually boring at a point because no regular person thinks like that. No, this story is about three kids who find the power, and then try and use it for their benefit, not the world's.

The film its self was done in an odd way. The way the story was told was that Andrew had a camera, and you saw everything from the camera's point of view. Also, when his camera was not in use, you still did not have that many "professional" cameras capturing the action; you still had to rely on the cameras around, such as security cameras and T.V. cameras capturing the news, which made the experience unlike any I have ever had before watching a movie. The way it was presented made it feel like this could have very well happened in real life, and that some one was just there to film it. 

The characters are well done and they actually grow and progress through out the movie. Andrew  is kind of silent, and the kid with a camera, and then as the movie progresses, he starts to come out of his shell. Steven is the out going kid who wants to be student president. Matt, Andrew's cousin, is kind of the popular kid, however, he is less out going than Steven. Given all the diverse personalities, I think they actually got along pretty well, and even had their share of disputes.

The green screen for the effects was very well done. When they took to the skies, it actually looked like they were actually flying and just not on a green screen. Also, the effects of them moving the stuff like cars and such was very fluid; it was like they were actually moving them telekinetically. Also, the wire effects were well done, and it made everything look decently real.

Over all, I say that this is a must see movie. It has action, and it has a unique was of presenting the story through cameras. It also has that coming of age feel that we all love in movies. I highly recommend it to any one who wants to go see it, you will not be disappointed. 


  1. Don't forget the epic final fight scene! Awesome amazing movie!