Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Day 2012

No relationship is perfect, that is a given in life. Some of them are abusive, some relationships have a lot of bickering between the couple, and some of them, although rarely, are just too perfect. However, I have found this valentines day to be especially special due to the fact I have a wonderful person to spend it with. However, it has turned out that no matter how much women may want to think men understand us, they honestly do not. I understand that very well, as most of my friends are guys, and I have compiled a guide to some of the guys' most commonly asked questions.

Question 1-What the hell is with "just friends?" 
For women, breaking up in some cases is not easy. However, we sometimes realize that being in a relationship with some one is not always the best option because let's face it, not every friend is boy friend material. So, when we break up with you in that way, we just mean you are a great friend to me, and I respect you as a friend, but as for a partner, it's not going to work. Also, the other meaning it could have is that Ok, this relationship is over, but let's not talk bad about it to all our friends.We usually mean nothing bad about being "just friends" but it just means that you make an excellent friend, however, we don't want to be dating you just because people change a little bit when they're dating, so keep that in mind.

Question 2-Why don't girls like sex?
You're asking the wrong person for one, I hate to admit it, however, I think that most women do not like sex just because one, we value our virginity. In societal norms, we are taught that your virginity is one of the most sacred things to you, and we sometimes try and hold on to that as long as possible. Also, we don't, we do worry about getting pregnant because if we don't want kids, we don't want them. Other than that, we don't want to have sex with a man we don't love, because whats the fun in that?

Question 3-Is there an age to know what love is and how do you know if it's true love?
For the first half a question, I think that if you have a firm grasp of being attached to someone, be it your parents or friend or someone special, then I say almost any age can pass. However, I do say kids start getting the idea of love about age seven to nine at the earliest. Now, how to know if its true love? Honestly, I myself am still unsure what the concept of true love is. At points, I thought I understood it, however it always turned out I was wrong. I think true love is when you are attracted to the other person, and they are attracted to you, and you both enjoy being with each other and share a lot of intimate moments together. However, as that case may be, I think there is some deep underlying connection that has to go on between the two people that I cannot explain; I guess that feeling is extreme bliss of being together.

I will not guarantee that these are the right answers to these questions; these are just my insights into these questions.All women do tick differently, and I do tick a bit differently than most, however, I think that's what makes life and romance fun. I will say this also: Just have fun and not worry about what makes women tick; it will only lead to to problems. So this valentines day, just have fun and enjoy your selves to the fullest.

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