Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Few Words on the Passing of Whitney Houston

If you have turned on a new station, or been on the web, then you know that the web is a buzz with the news of Whitney Houston's death. Additionally, if you didn't know, she was a world famous singer who sung such hits as "I Will Always Love You," and "I'm Every Woman," and was well known for her vocal range in the music world.  Her death has startled the world, gaining the attention that the deaths of presidents or other such pop musicians such as Michael Jackson.

First things first, my condolences go out to her family for their loss; she was a great singer. Her vocal range was well known all over the world, even leading to some Korean kids sing her signature song. I respect anyone who can hit that vocal range, and her talents will surely be missed in this world.

Now, yes, I admit I am a bit saddened by her death, and yes, she does deserve some respect, however, I am getting sick of the party the media is having with her death, Every time I look at the news channel such as CNN, its all about Whitney Houston. I can nderstand the party at first, due to her being a well known artist, and a good one at that, but after a couple of day, it's old. They keep saying how they have not released any details about her death, and how she was found dead in a bath tubb, and it's the same story over and over again. If you are going to cover something, please cover something serious, like the trouble in Syria and other news. It is taking up unnecessary space in the news that could be used for other things. I can understand updating us once in a while about any new news about her death, but please, stop driving this into the ground.

Another reason I am not all that enthused with her death is that hit was covered live on the major t.v. networks,like, you guessed it, CNN. It is a bit ironic because there talk of trying to let it be private, but they had to let one camera into the funeral service. And then, it felt like it was everywhere. I couldn't even go to a good Mexican Restaurant without it being there either. I can understand there being a service,such as all people should get one, but televising it? I almost say that's a bit disrespectful because if someone in my family died, I would not want it to be televised, but I guess that is a call on the part of the living.

Also, one thing I have a problem with is the fact that later in life, she was a drug addict, and I don't think that should rewarded with the attention that this is getting. It's like if you become famous, then you can do drugs, and then get rewarded when you die with a massive funeral and publicity. The drugs changed her voice, and thus degraded her singing ability. I guess when you're found dead in a bath tub, I guess that rewards a massive funeral and massive grieving.

Last thing I would like to point out is the fact that people die every day, what makes her death any more special than a soldier's death on the battle field or that poor kid being killed by his mother? I hate to see how her death is getting so much attention that it is ridiculous. Just because in society's eyes she is a bit more important than others does mean she has the right to get this much attention.

Although her death has saddened me and the world, and her and her wonderful voice will be missed, I am sick and tired of the attention her death is garnering due to the world. There are probably more important things going on in the world that need attention, and not just her death. I'm not saying to disrespect it, just saying to tone it down just a little bit

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