Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Suite Precure♪

As you have probably figured out, I am a sucker for mahou shoujo,or magical girl, anime. When I heard that a magical girl anime was coming out, at the time I was stoked to be honest. It turned out that this anime would combine a few things I really, really loved: Magical Girl, Anime, and music.

Our story follows Houjou Hibiki, an out-going athletic girl, and Minamino Kanade, a girl who likes to cook, and they're both residents of Kanon Town, a town filled with music. Music makes this town thrive, and all of its residents appreciate music to its fullest extent, and it fills the Residents with joy. In Major Land, there is a music score called "The Legendary Score" which can be used to create the Melody of Happiness brings people happiness and joy, but the residents of Minor Land want to drive the world in sorrow with the Melody of Sorrow. Hibiki and Kanade meet up with Hummy, a cat from Major land, and Hummy makes them into the legendary warriors known as the Precure.

The story ine was like any typical mahou shoujo in my mind, though it had its own unique spin. Every episode was episodic and not at the same time. Yes, they do beat a Negatone every episode, and yes it seems they don't really get any where for a while, but the story does pick up half way through the anime. How can this be? A mahou shoujo, aimed at kids, with a story? That can't be possible right? Wrong. It really does get to a point to where you have to watch every episode or else it will not make sense, because new things are revealed about the characters, and they resolve things. It's not Tokyo Mew Mew where everything is resolved in the last four episodes, no, this anime made good use of its fourty-eight episodes and put those to work.

As with long going anime, you have the potential for a huge cast list. Though the cast for the Suite Precure was modestly big, they kept the focus on where is should be: with our heroines. Yes, you do add characters as you go on, and that's to be expected. They do a great job in portraying our heroines friendship and the flaws in it. Our Precure do double in number, so more mahou shoujo for the veiwers. However, I do wish they explained one thing and made it clear: Is Hummy a boy or a girl?

One of the things that always got me about this series is the fact that they portray "happy" music as "good" and sad music as "bad." I think that just because something sounds like it is from the heavens doesn't automatically make it "good," nor does music that has a sad tone to it make it "bad." According to this anime, does that mean metal is "bad," and that mellow music is "bad?" I know this show is aimed at kids, and I am willing to accept that, but still, this message that "happy" music is "good" is a bit old.

The condition of which the girls transform I will admit, is a bit odd. They have to be in "unison" and they have to fight together. They have to be in line with each other, and they basically have to be the "perfect friends." While, yes, this does promote friendship, I think they are over doing it just a bit. Hibiki and Kanade were best friends, until a mistake happened, and then they became Precure and had to do everything unison. Yes, I agree that people should be friends, and best fiends are close, but the extent they take this to, it almost makes it look like they are helpless alone.

The art for anime was really upbeat and colorful. The characters were well drawn, and the Precure outfits were adorable, and very mahou shoujo like. The transformation sequences were all well done, and htey added flair to the anime. Although like all mahou shoujo anime, the transformation sequences are recycles, they still did a good job with them. The end credits were a bit interesting, with having 3D Precure dancing to the end theme.

The musical track was very well done. The opening theme was catchy, and I will admit to humming it under my breath a lot. The end theme was equally catchy, and to boot, it had a well choreographed dance to it. Along with the opening and end themes, the background track was also pretty good, and it fit just about every  mood.

Overall, I will admit that I am sucker for mahou shoujo anime, and Precure was just right up my ally. I do recommend this anime to any fan of mahou shoujo anime like Tokyo Mew Mew and this proves an interesting watch for anyone.

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