Monday, October 31, 2011

Monty Python and the Meaning of Life

Many times have I sat back and asked my self "What is the meaning of life?" Is it something valuable? How does life work? Does death really mean the end? Well, Monty Python and the Meaning of Life tries explore the meaning of life through a comedic means.
The movie opens with a mini presentation with old people working at an office doing paper work. When one of the workers gets sacked by a higher up, they decide to revolt against the top heads, and they turn their building into a ship and launching attack on capitalist America. They raid everybody using weapons they fashioned from things in their office, such as swords from fans, and desk drawer cannons. The old people eventually lead America's  big companies to ruin, and then they celebrate. I will be honest, the opening scene does not do much for the movie, except they make a joke in the main film along the lines of "We're sorry for the interruption of the side film. They're just looking for attention, and now we return to the main film." When the side clip "interrupts" it feels like deja vu, because the dialogue is exactly the same.

When they cut to the real film, it starts off with a song, like every good movie should. But then it cuts to the  Though the hospital birth scene made me smile, the scene where the children were singing about sperm made me laugh and smile. They got kids probably as young as 5 or so to sing it. One thing I want to know who wrote the song, and then how did they convince the kids to sing it. Also, did the kids even know what they were saying? It was about the Catholics and how it is against they're religion to use condoms, mocking it to a point of that they had so many kids that the house was over run with them, and they need to sell a few kids to science in order to pay the bills.
The next stage of life is child hood, and we are shown a Catholic school. It first starts of with the mass and everyone praying and listening to the preacher. The class room was worthy of a few laughs, due to the part of the teacher teacher the boys how to have sex with a lady, while having sex with his wife. Also, they were discussing how to arouse a lady, which one boy promptly replies "lick the clitoris." The teacher then bashes the boy for being too direct and then discusses other ways to arouse a woman.
The next stage of life is the part after you get out of school, and they presume you will serve you country well. They have a drill Sargent telling his troops that they will march up and down the square. The troops then one by one object, saying that they rather be doing something else, such as read a book, or practice the piano.
During the middle ages, this is where the movie gets creepy, I won't lie. First, you deal with a couple going to a restaurant and ordering conversations. Although its not creepy, its like will my middle years be like that? Then, the truly creepy part is a couple of doctors looking for a liver donation. They then proceed to hack apart the man they want the liver from, and then a man pops out of the couple's refrigerator and starts on a song bout the meaning of life, not unlike the beginning, though they go as far as to show something coming out a woman's vagina(not a real one just a illustration.)  The next scene is a fat guy so fat he can barely walk. He sits down and ask for a bucket to puke in. Now, watching this scene while eating is just slightly unnerving.
Lastly  in life, there is death. Though death is the end, it provides fan service in the movie. Also, the grim reaper is funny, though the end will sort of (excuse the language) mind f*ck you. I will not spoil the end, but its well worth it.