Monday, October 24, 2011

The Change in Money

After buying anything I have an odd habit of looking at my change. Usually I look for bicentntial quarters for a family member of mine that likes to collect them. However, this time, something else caught my eye: the shininess of multiple pennies.
Now, a good shiny penny is usually good right? Well these pennies were undeniably shiny, but then I noticed the backs on them. Now, the usual penny has the Lincoln memorial on the back.The penny has been redesigned only one in a hundred years. Now, it is a shield with the words "E Plurbis Unam" on top of a shield.
In the case of the penny's new design,it looks pretty darn fake, like when some of the state quarters came out, I thought they looked fake as well(I'm looking at you Texas). I'm sorry but now the penny looks like something i would find in a fake money set for little kids. Even the banner around the shield proclaiming it's only one cent looks fake. Also, the penny is too shiny for its own good. Its like can it scream fake just a bit louder? I can't hear how fake it is.

The "traditional penny", the one with the Lincoln memorial on it, was the penny i grew up using. It looks right, old timey, but yet rather new. It feel natural, it feel like it belongs. The new design feel foreign, strange, unnatural. Its too shiny, its too....stupid to be honest. Keep the moneys the same, don't change what not broke.


  1. So true. Bring back the good penny!

  2. yes because the new ones look like fake moneys