Sunday, October 16, 2011

When In Doubt, Have the Plants Protect Your Yard

In the coming month, one can expect raids on their houses by zombies looking for their next meal of brains. There are a few options, though I find that planting pea shooters and other plants on my yard in order to protect my self against zombies. Why not a fire extinguisher? Because the plants can take down the zombies in seconds, leaving just the corpses of zombies piled up on my lawn. Also, don't forget e to spend your sunlight wisely, because the plants need sunlight to grow, and if you plant a plant in the wrong spot, your sunlight gets used up, increasing the chances of the zombies getting what they want. My personal advice is to have sunflowers produce sunlight, because there just isn't enough time in the day.
The Start Up Screen for Plants vs. Zombies

In the game, Plants vs. Zombies, your objective is to defend your house against the incoming zombie raid by using plants. The two mos basic plants are the pea shooters, which do damage to the zombies, and the sunflower, which produces the sun needed to get the plants. The plants require certain amount of sun to be planted, so plan out where you put your plants, because place them in the wrong place, the zombies could be munching on your brains. Also, in the game, you can plant wall-nuts, which block zombies for a bit, and you can plant all sorts of plants, each with different abilities.
At first, the game may seem childish and easy, but it has to be one of the most addictive games I have ever played. The levels start off easy, but as they add in more tpyes of zombies, such as there is a cone-head zombie which take longer to kill, and the disco zombie, which can summon back up dancers, they difficulty increased. I honestly can't count how many times I have had my brains eaten in that game. The levels also have a few different modes, such as day time, daytime with a pool, in which you have to plant lily pads to plant the plants on, night time, where you must use mushrooms in order to beat the zombies, night time with a pool, night time with fog, and finally, the roof. The roof is the hardest level because to roof slants, and the regular plants can't get over the slant, however, catapult plants can.
Along with the main game, there are little mini games that you can play. These vary from the defending the house from plant like zombies, to Wall'nut bowling, which involves using wall'nuts to knock down zombies like bowling pins. These little games are just plain amusing to play,  because it challenges the mind. It makes you think about the constraints you are under for each level. It makes you realize that you can´t just nuke the zombies, and that you must use strategy in order to defeat them.
The game play is suitable for all ages, which is rare for a zombie game. Usually, people associate zombies with rated T or M games, but Plants Vs. Zombies is playable by just about anyone that can use a computer mouse and play a game. I've known kids as young as five that are able to play it. It doesn't contain any scarey elements, but its actually light hearted in nature. If you're looking for a serious, blood and gore zombie game for Halloween, then I'm sorry to say that this isn't the game for you. However, if you love strategy, cute plants that can protect your home, then I must say, this is the game for you

Mata ne Chii~


  1. This game is a lot of fun I bought it a while ago when it was on sale on Sream. Someday I plan on getting the PS3 version when it goes on sale. It has to be one of the more addictive games that came out in this generation.

  2. Puzzle games like that are always addictive and i got it on sale on Steam four 2 or 3$ :D but they have it for the PS3?