Friday, October 14, 2011

Definition of a Loli

In recent debates with one of my friends, the thing of what makes a Lolita, or loli, a loli. Is it height? And how tall or short must a girl be to be qualified as a loli? Is it age? Is it breast size? Is it body type? On my quest to find out what a true loli is, we must find the origin and how it came to be.
The term "Lolita" first came in to use after a Russian Novel was written under the same name, written by Vladimir Nabokov. It brings about the use of sexual lust between a grown man and a thirteen year old girl. However, the man loses the girl to death, and tries to move on with his life. However, he becomes obsessed with the desire to have sex with sexually aware young girls. He eventually meets Delores, or known as Lolita, and almost stalks her. He keeps all recordings of their meetings in a little log book.
Now, in the book, Lolita is a young girl, around twelve years in age. Under the presumption that age makes a loli,then my friend calling me a loli would not be correct, as I am 18. If a loli is a minor, or under 18, then most people, by the time they get out of high school should not be called a loli.
But what if height makes the loli? In anime, a loli is considered just about anyone shorter than average. Also, these individuals may be falt chested, and they may act childish and innocent. However, in some anime, they girls are average height, like anime like Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica or in cases of anime like Chobits, the main heroines may all considered lolis because of the way they are drawn. In fact, most Mahou Shoujo, or Magical Girl, animes may be considered loli because the girls are usually flat chested, and child like, but they lack the height of a true loli. Anime that portray a true loli would a (quite frankly messed up) anime like Kodomo no Jikan. The girls are short, and they are in fact true lolis, age-wise, height wise, and breast size wise.

Also, it also bring in the question: what about boobs size? Loli's are known for their flat chested-ness. People claim that loli's can have bigger boobs, but i disagree. If they have bigger boobs, then I believe that they loose some of the child-like inocnce that lolis are supposed to have. Lolis plus bigger boobs to me is not possible. Lolis with bigger boobs look wrong, and it signals to me that they are not as innocent as they seem. Imagine a twelve year old with a full rack, and no hips? That to me is not a loli, that is called messed up twelve year old.
Body type is also an important factor in determining whether or not a person is a loli. A person with full hips to me can not be considered a loli. They are not child like appearance enough, because, honestly, how many children do you see with full hips? Children are usually flat as washboard and lack curves, so if a full out adult tried to be a loli with hips, that is not loli.
Lolis also can reffer to a certain way some one is dressed. Lolita dresses are usually pink, frilly, and have tons of lace. This trend has also taken a turn to fit the those who don't like pink as much to Gothic Lolita, which has more black dresses. But, if an adult, full height and boobs dresses in a lolita dress, are they still considered loli? I say no, because they lack the innocence of a loli, and they are impersonating a loli.
Along with physical characteristics, there is the mentality of a loli. Lolis are usually child like, with the mentality of a child. These characters in anime may not be a aware of whats going on around them and may in fact be a little ADHD. These girls in harems will typically not interest the male lead due the fact he will find them too childish, and he will care for them like a little sister, unless it was a loli harem, then all the typical rules of a harem apply.

Now, can boys be lolis? The answer is yes and no. "Boy Lolis" are not called such; the term used for older women preying on such character is known as "shota-con," derived from a character called Shotarou. Though I don't know the specifics of the book, it
The Definition of a loli may vary from person to person, but to me, it will always be that a child who is sexually attractive, but it flat and acts childish. An adult cannot be loli, and neither can a male. If someone were to consider an adult with hips and boobs a loli, what kind of children have you been looking at?


  1. I disagree. In the anime Kodomo no Jinkan there is a char [Mary, I think] who have boobs but is more childish than their friends. Ther is others animes [that I don't remember the title] whitch a char [meca or human] with full growth body but childlike behavior - a Loli tipe.

  2. Lolis can have breats but, very small. They can have little breasts because you can hit puberty starting at the age of 9. So... Yeah some can have a little fat at the bottom of their chests.

  3. Huh, I always thought of loli's as older girls (above 14) with a childlike appearance and behavior (including no boobs or hips). Children below that age are just that; children

  4. I remember a girl in elementary she was under twelve and had big boobs, so does that mean she wasn't a loli?