Thursday, October 6, 2011

ChildHood Memories

We all had our favorite Movies growing up. For some young girls it was Snow White or Beauty and the Beast, ad for some guys, it was Batman or Superman. For me personally, it was Disney's Movie "The Little Mermaid. It was a hearwarming tale, of fantasy, music, and a girl striving for what sh desired. Even though the other Disney Princess movies held similar qualities of a girl wanting to get married, or trying to get what she wanted, The Little Mermaid had a little bit different way of telling the story.
The movie starts off with our Protagonist, Ariel, who is a mermaid infatuated with the human world, and everything that comes with it. Her father on the other hand, find that humans are bad, but really does not give a reason for not wanting Ariel to interact with them in the movie. As the movie begins, Triton is holding a concert for showcase Ariel and her sisters (whose names we never truly know) But Ariel is a no show, because of course she is hunting for human treasure.
As the movie progressed, you find out that Ariel has a whole grotto of human stuff. She has anything that she looted from sunken human ships, anything forks and knifes to books. After she breaks into a musical number, where she apparently has no grasp on human vocabulary, she notices some shiny thing glistening on the surface she decides to check it out, which we know are fireworks.
At the surface, there is a human ship and she spies in on it, where we see our lovely Prince Eric, the "Prince charming" in this Disney piece. As she spies in them, the ship catches fire, and she, or course, has to rescue him.
Eric awakes to Ariels Singing, and lo and behold, instant love. But, she cant be with him for long because Eric's butler comes around. A little while later, Triton finds Ariel's Secret Grotto and basically nukes it. After the destruction, the Sea Witch's assistants, Flotsam and Jetsam, to tell Ariel that that the Sea Witch could help with Ariel's troubles.
Ursula, the sea witch, the black magic user, and the main antagonist of the movie. She offer Ariel a deal, that she'll turn Ariel into a human for three days in exchange for her iconic voice. After turning into a human, with no voice, she (miraculously) meets Eric on the beach, where he seems to recognize her, but oh, what will he do with out know what she sounds like because he is blind? Oh well,He takes her in anyways, and then its love and dates on fast forward, with Sebastian the crab direction the musical numbers.
Ursula, who is spying on them, see them almost kiss and break the spell decides to do something, and makes her self human, wit Ariel's alluring voice, and entrances Eric into marrying her, because Eric is an audiophile, and clearly cant remember girls based on face and looks but rather he focuses on voice. After the animals ruin the wedding, because nothing is more disastrous than a flock of animals, in coordination with each other, crashing a wedding. Ursula as human looses her voice, and Ariel regains her lost voice and finally, Eric realizes he got the right girl all along. Well, too bad pretty, boy, Ariel's spell ran out on the third day at sundown, and Ursula's true nature is revealed, and Ariel and Ursula plummet to the depths of the water. Eric, of course goes to save his maiden with the pretty voice, and he (of course) defeats Ursula at the end, and everything's happy. Ariel's dad realizes he cant hold on to Ariel forever and lets her join the humans.
The art work for the Little Mermaid for me can be divided into two parts, the underwater part, which is far superior to the lad part, which is the second part. The underwater part was filled with vibrate colors and while the land colors had some vibrancy, it was a different and much more earthly feel to them
All in all, it's a wonderful movie that the whole family can enjoy, and it still continues to be one of my favorite movies of all time
Mata ne Chii~