Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Monty Python and the UnHoly Grail

As comedy lover, I'm always searching for the next laugh. Will it come from a movie or my friends or perhaps life? Monty Python and the Holy Grail brought tears of laughter my eyes, and I have to call this movie one of the greatest comedies to ever be released.
For those who have heard of Monty Python, you are probably aware of the internet memes that surround the movie. Many times have I seen an anime synced up to the scene of Arthur fighting the knight and the line, "T'is but a scratch" and then it will followed by "A scratch? Your arms off!" Also, you might have heard "The Knights who say 'Ni!'" parodies by using an annoying character to say it to irritate the others. All these lines drew me to Monty Python, and made me wonder what type of movie it was.

The movie, with in seconds had me laughing, and it was before the action started. The opening credits have hilarious subtitles in them, and also involve people getting sacked. However, after everyone gets sacked, they revert to a flashy, colorful intro. I almost have to say it seizure worthy. It provided a good laugh, just the thing i need to get me going into an amazing comedy.
Next, after the hilarious credits, we see our main character, King Arthur, King of the Britans, come galloping about on his... invisible horse. That's right, invisible horse.  He has a guy following behind him, clopping coconuts in the rhythm that would represent a horse's hooves. He goes up to a castle, where he then requests to speak with the lord and master of the castle. However, the guard and Arthur get into a debate on how much weight a swallow could carry and how he came across the coconuts. Then, as he travels across Britain, he comes across two knights fighting, one killing the other violently. As Arthur tries to ask the winning knight to join him in his quest to join him at the round table, the knight states, "None shall pass." Arthur then engages n a fight with the knight, chopping his arms in a blow that shouldn't have hurt anyone. The knights arm then bleed profusely, making me wonder about the physics of 8th century England.
As the story carries on, Arthur and his newly recruited knights of the round table, all riding on invisible horses, are visited by God, telling to seek the Holy Grail. God, however is more animated then real, which posed the thought on one my friends: This movie would be amazing if you were high, and he had a point. The animation for the god scene was not fluid, and his mouth looked like a nutcracker.
From the god scene, the knights travel for a year, which included more animated scenes. (Seriously, why can't life really be like this?) The knights then separate, each going their own way. However, they soon get back together.
Later in the movie, they fight the most fearsome foe around: a white bunny rabbit. What does he do? Does he nibble your bum? No, he just out right attacks you. Apparently, he is the guard to a cave, and he has killed many men with he ferocious attacks. Men be warned! Killer bunny is out to get you!
A little ways later into the movie, Arthur finds his holy grail, but he has to go into battle for it. he meets the French at their castle, and it turns out they have the grail. Can Arthur get the grail from the lousy french? Or will he be defeated? For that my friends, you'll have to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail!


  1. Greatest comedy ever, isn't it Chi?

  2. yesh it is :D made me laugh so much specially at the beginning :D

  3. The bits about the moose are great are they not--

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  4. yes they are( person sacking the commentator who has just been sacked, has been sacked)