Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No! Don't Go Into the Light!

In anime, ecchi sells when plot doesn't. However, how does it sell when people expect boobs and they are unfortunately denied this when Japanese anime decides to put in censors. But, in the case of R-15, it was badly done, and half the series I was staring at a white light, even for the minorest of panty shots.
Enter Inspiration academy, a school for geniuses. Taketo, a genius pornography writer is admitted to the school because he can write a porn novel in seconds. At high old school, he was shunned by the girls because of his perverted-ness, but all the girls at his new school don't know that he is a porn writer, just that he is novelest. Of course, in a tradional harem, he is surrounded by the Tsundere, or a girl that can go from bitchy to lovey in about two point five seconds, Raika, who is a famous photographer. He meets Narukara Fukune, a genius, but quiet, clarinet player, and Sonokoe Utae, a pop idol, and a genius. These girls help shape him, and some of them even give him inspiration for his novels, but he develops a crush on Narukara because she did not induce a sexual fantasy in his mind.
Now, these sexual fantasies happen at least once an episode. Now, while these sexual fantasies are nice at the base, involving those he is around in all the sexual glory they deserve. Only one problem that ruined the whole rutine: THE HORRENDOUS CENSORS! Every single little panty shot was blocked by a huge white light. Every boob shot had a huge white light. It felt like ok there's no story, no ecchi, just too many damn censors.
Seriously, I hope it gets taken out for the Blu-Ray/DVD versions. This is probably the only way this anime will sell because people watching on tv got fed up with the light, and will wait for uncensored versions.

The only redeeming things about this series is the art and music. The art (when it wasnt being blocked by a white light) was very modern and very fluid. Usually I don't listen to end themes, but the end theme for R-15 was addicting and pop-like. It was happy, and cheerful, and fast, almost more like an opening theme, but it worked for the end as well.
The end was pleasing in my opion though. Most ecchi now a days have no true conclusive ending because, being based off games, they can't make a true end. This anime actually made an attempt at an end, and it worked. Without giving too much away, i will say i was happy for Taketo.