Sunday, October 30, 2011

Black Rock Shooter PV:Impressions

They're at it again. Trying to milk a series for its worth. Guess the series this time? Is it Naruto, or Bleach? Nope. It's the flop OVA Black Rock Shooter. Yep, they're making it into an anime series, and a series with just eight episodes.
The PV was just released and I was thinking "Ok, they're trying to milk this for all its worth." As I sat down to watch it, I was skeptical. The OVA made almost no freaking sense, jumping from the K-On like parts to the kick ass parts. Were they gonna play into the K-On/Slice of life part, or were they gonna play into the awesome black Rock Shooter? 
It starts off with a song and  Black Rock Shooter sitting on the edge. From the looks of the PV, it seems the anime will be about the action part, though i am not getting my hopes up for it being about the Battle between Black Rock Shooter and Death Scythe. I think the anime will be a let down because they will concentrate on the moe aspects of the anime, aka the girls and the slice of life part. 
Also, the other quelm i have with them releasing the anime as a "full" series is that it only 8 episodes long. The only other anime I know that followed that path was the second season of Mitsudomoe, and while 8 episodes may be plenty for a sequel, I don't believe that it will be enough to tell a complete story. Please creators, get it together, and TRY this time. The OVA was such a flop I don't know why they even THOUGHT it would sell. Oh wait that's right. It's aimed at fans of Hatsune Miku and they KNOW it will sell because of the vocaloid prospects. Congrats you're making money while disappointing the rest of us.

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