Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Team Fortress 2:Halloween Update

Its that time of year again. There is candy to be gotten, tricks to be played, and a time to be scared. Also, it's time for the Publisher Valve to put out their Halloween Update for the hit game Team Fortress 2. Now, I thoroughly enjoy the game on regular mode, but when i heard bout the update that would last untill Halloween, i was stoked. However, just like any update to a game, it has its downsides.

Now, this may be my first time playing the Halloween Update, since I just started playing extensively around March. The Halloween Update adds maps to the already extensive collections of maps on Team Fortress 2, but the map has a haunted house like feeling. The usual medi-packs or health restore kits (whatever you may call them) are now replaced with candy bars for the smaller heal kits and a pumpkin pie for the bigger ones. Along with the medi-kit changes, there are now pumpkins scattered around the map with explosive devices on them, and if you shoot them up close, will get hurt. Also, you can download "skins" for the engineers sentry gun, but I honestly don't know where to get these, but apparently is makes the mini-sentry look like it has a brain.
There is one problem i have with the Halloween Update: it is that it lags out HORRIBLY, which means for all you non-video game fans, that response time in between in put time and the reaction time are slightly off. At first, i thought it was the sever was lagging, but it turns out it lagged for my friend as well. Also, when trying to kill the Horseless Headless Horseman, a lagged out and it is almost impossible to kill him, though some people have killed him, and you get a special hat.
Its good that they made a Halloween Update for Team Fortress 2, but however, it could be less glitchy.


  1. Dang, it lags? That's a bummer. I'm going to go download the patch right now to get the content than wait later for a patch to fix the lag.

  2. It lags slightly but still fun :D