Friday, October 28, 2011

Yuru Yuri-A Slow Moving Yuri

Sometimes, names mean nothing when it comes to anime, sometimes they mean every. Sometimes they mean what the anime is about or sometimes they're cutesy and unrelated to the anime. Yuru Yuri's title, with Yuru being translated as slow, or easy going and yuri being the term relates to lesbian relationships,  can tell you a bit about the anime, however, do not judge an anime by the title.

Yuru Yuri has a typical slice of life plot line: 3 girls going through middle school. Wait...did i forget someone? Probably not. Anyways, you have the anime freak and doujinshi writer (and my personal favorite) Toshinou Kyouko, the serious person, Funami Yui,, the annoying tsundere brat, Yoshikawa Chinatsu, and, oh yeah, i remember who I forgot, Akaza Akarai, the girl with no defining features. There are other characters, such as Sugiura Ayano, the other tsundere who wants to be friends with Kyouko, and the Ikeda twins, Chizuru and Chitose, twins that are prone to drooling and nosebleeds when their glasses are removed due to fantasies. The characters are  just your normal girls, with some lesbian-curious tendencies. But then again, there is no males in the cast.
Now, the girls, as I have said, have some bi-curious, or maybe just lesbian tendencies. Chinatsu obviously likes Yui in a perverted way, and Kyouko likes Chinatsu in the way of wanting her to cosplay as the anime character Mirakurun, a magical witch in the anime they like to watch. Also, Ayano appears to have a thing for Kyouko, though Kyouko is too preoccupied with Chinatsu and cosplaying. Chitose just fantasizes about the pairings and the double entendres that are said between the characters, and this results in nose bleeds, and a character, usually Akari, offering her tissues to ease the bleeding.

Besides the characters, the most catching thing about the show is the opening song and the closing song; they are so catchy. They accurately depict the anime, but they were so catchy, I couldn't help but to replay the songs over and over. The end, "My Place de Ikimashou," or "Let's go to My Place," was the one that made me a sure viewer. As person who doesn't usually watch the ending themes to anime, it was a nice refresher, and it was catchy. The beginning song "Yuriyurarararayuruyuri," is catchy, but it cannot compare to the end song.
If you're looking for a slice of life with some comedy in it, then this is the anime for you. Easy going like K-On, and funny too, this anime is a win in my books

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