Sunday, October 9, 2011

Usagi Drop-A Heartwarming Tale

Rarely in anime, do we ever get a heart warming tale that is slice of life combined with some comedy. Now a days, anime is concentrated on boobs, harem, or moe. Usagi Drop, however, concentrates on what it really means to be family, and how a tragedy can bring families together, and all the hard ships parents have to go through with  kids, even if the kids aren't their own.
Usagi Drop was aired this past summer, animated by Production I.G. and Fuji TV, and the original novel was written by Unita Yumi. The anime follows Daikichi, an average man, focused on his job, but all of a sudden his grandpa dies. Right after the death, it is revealed that his grandpa had an illegitimate child with one of his maids! Rin, the child is stuck in a limbo and no one wants to take care of her, until Daikichi takes her under his care. At first, he doesnt know exactly how to handle Rin, but over time, their bond develops, and he realizes what it truly means to be a parent.
The story was very simple slice of life, but it was not two people falling in love, but more the bond between an adult and a child. You are not actually able to hear what Rin thinks, but you are more or less following Daikichi and his part of the bond. You see all the sacrifices that he makes in order to do the best for Rin, even if it means he will loose pay at his company so he can be home earlier to take care of her.
I highly recommend Usagi Drop if you're looking for a slice of life with no ecchi, no lolicon, and just a pure story. Often times, this anime will make you smile in a way that can only be described as heartwarming. It will bring pureness into your life, and make you wonder what would you give up for the sake of a child.

Mata ne Chii~

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